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Rossignol Bandit X

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I am considering a pair of Bandit X's for the upcoming ski season. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this ski for use in upstate NY? Thanks
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I have skied the Bandit X for a few years now. I have never skied NY. Or the east. I like the X more at Copper than at Winter Park here in Colorado cuz it is a ski that likes to be on top of the snow. WP tends to be fluffier and deeper where my experiences at Copper are that the snow tends to be more sun baked and the skis less prone to being submerged. Not a great ski for ice..the fischer 68 MAY be a better ski for hard snow. See the review of the 68 at or at I have not skied the 68 but own the Fischer Big Stix 74 which has much more grip on hard snow than the Bandit line. I really like the can be pushed and it can be very laid back and it bumps well and can deal with deep powder if it is light and there is a base underneath it but in heavy snow it tends to get pushed around and becomes hesitant. Hope this helps. I know it's pretty vague but... :
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im not sure why everyone says the bandits are notorious for poor hard snow performance. i cant speak for the xxx, but i ski the x and xx and have never had a problem. i would even rate last year's x as 'good'. from east coast bulletproof to icey headwalls at breck, ive never had an issue. it is true though, the x does not float well, but what can you expect with 67 underfoot.
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I came back to amend my post...the ski has been reshaped for this year so it may float a bit better.

By hard snow I mean really hard snow where it tends to skid v my Fischers which really seem to dig in as they edge.

I think the Bandit X are super all around skis. Not perfect though. Not sure what is...maybe the Scream series? (I say that with a bit of a wink) Rossi may agree as the new Bandit x shape mimics the Series footprint, though I think it is 1mm wider at foot, waist and tail.

I'm very psyched to try them out...this is the ski I am looking to pick up this year as my current X's are aging and getting beat up.
: :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by skierguy48:
I am considering a pair of Bandit X's for the upcoming ski season. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this ski for use in upstate NY? Thanks<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I have skied the old (3) yrs Bandit X and it has been a good all mountain ski that was solid on ice and hard-pack (Eastern Powder), but Rossi changed the ski last year to a western version and made it too soft torsionally for the East. If you're going to ski primarily in the East then look to a ski with good edging characteristics, such as any ski torsionally stiff but longitudinally soft. I would consider any of the following lines: Atomic, Other Rossi performance or GS configured skis, subject to how you ski. Testers' reports this year are quite good. Look to the ratings for ice, hard-pack, frozen crud, and you won't be far off.
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Both the Bandit X and the Bandit XX have undergone yet more changes since the 2000-2001 version. The 2001-2002 Bandit X is supposed to be stiffer, more energetic and higher rebound than last year's version. The Bandit XX gets even fatter for this year, and also gets more energy & rebound.

Or at least that's the advance news... I haven't demoed either model, but I do plan on it.
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I skied the new X, and XX last winter. The new X is 107-70-97, just like the K2 Mod X. I skied it in good snow, and it rocked pretty much everywhere. It is a much better, and more modern ski than the old X. I did not ski any hard snow on them, but I have no doubts it would do fine. The XX gets more shape, it is still 74 underfoot but the shovel is 110 and the tail is 100. I really liked it even though I had to ski the 184, which is bigger that I would ski by choice. I wopuld say it is a great Sierra ski for a good skier who could only afford one pair. The X would seem to make loads of sense for the East coast. It is a really good change for Rossi, as the old Bandits (besides the XXX) feel pretty dated now.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>WP tends to be fluffier and deeper where my experiences at Copper are that the snow tends to be more sun baked <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You're making me laugh. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I think the moisture content of the snow in Frazier vs. Summit County is the same. I also think that the northerly exposed terrain is as abundant at WP as Copper.
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Glad to make you laugh.

I do mean MY EXPERIENCES. I have had many more fluff days at Mary Jane than at Copper. I can't deny it. This is no scientific study, this be me going to both a lot and having these experiences.

SKIING tested skis at Copper last spring, when they were getting dumped on. I saw these photos of people in 17 Glade and elsewhere and they were in deep snow. I was like, hey, that hasn't happened to me there! But, when that stuff was coming down I was making tracks at the jane so i missed it.

oh well. I'd love for this year to disprove my theory on Copper snow!!
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