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To the OP, I would advise reading up on Highway's history prior to taking his advice. That's as much of a disclaimer as I'll give.


Thanks, I think that he'll find that you're not quite the master of debate that you think you are.

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You had better remove the bindings from the skis and put them in a bucket of water immediately, they have been known to spontaneously combust.............or not.


Or you could do what any reasonable person would do - clamp the ski to a workbench, crank the din up to max, put a boot in and cycle the binding several times, then torque on it a bit.  Let us know if it breaks.


Yes, it is well established that a suspect binding will always fail within a handful of times of being popped on a bench. If you click in and punch out 5-6 times without failure, you are certainly good to roll. 

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I'd be less worried about the breaking of the binding than the breaking of the leg or knee. Not being indemnified means no known proper release setting will (likely) be obtained. As I have mentioned here and other threads, bindings frequently release too hard or too easy then their 'setting'. Since the OP has to ask about the skis and bindings, I question if he knows how to set the bindings properly for forward pressure, etc.


If @Uncle-A is using the boots from his Avatar, though, the skis and the bindings will all go together nicely enough.


Regarding debating skills: successful debating doesn't require fact, only the ability to convince. Just consider the current political campaign's debates.


That is all.

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Originally Posted by Seth Masia View Post

I believe the skis in the photo are a cheaper version of the old K2 Wizard, which used the K2 Four mold.  Dimensions were something like 98-65-87 with a radius of about 22 meters.  Not a straight ski by any means but not a modern mid-fat either.  It's not a given that the ski has a wood core or even a triaxial glass wrap. K2 had a "poured" foam core in that era for entry-level bargain skis. 




Graphics look very similar to the K2 Merlins I had 15 years ago.  

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