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My first pair of boots

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Hello Everybody,

Glad to be on the site,have been reading quite a bit ,and this is the first thread for me.
I can use some advice re my first pair of boots,which I am about to pick up tomorrow as my custom footbeds are ready.
Again,first pair to purchae,after 3 hours in the shop,and several pairs to try,between to tight or too soft,I ended up with a Tecnica Mach 1 130,which was,let's say the least problematic.
I am 6'2'' and weigh 220 lbs and you may call me an intermediate who aspires to make quite a bit of progress and spend much tiime on slopes.
My question is,I feel the 110 is a bit soft for my weight and my prefrence,and wished to try the Mach 1 120 or 130,however,the boot fitter almost was fed up with me and insisted the 110 was the boot for me.
I do not mind paying more for the most useful and helpfu boots.
Any suggestions re. how I may approach the matter with him,and are there any rules or policies that I need to consider,especially I may just exchange the boots and pay the difference?
Any input will be appreciated,thx.all
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this is not something we can really answer for you on line, it is very much between you and your fitter, with your height and weight the 130 is certainly not too stiff, it is definitely more of a boot than you possibly need right now BUT as you progress it will soon become a great boot for you, that said i have never seen you ski and don't know how well you bend the boot. but with the stats above i would think you are able to bend it quite well


if he has ordered the boot in as a special then you may be skiing in a 110 for a while, if it is a stock item and not been modified i can't see any reason why he wouldn't want to sell you the stiffer one if it is what you want and it is not too stiff for you 

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Thanks much,just wanted to make sure I was within acceptable frame as I actually want to continue working with that guy in the future
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I agree with CEM, if not for your height and weight the softer boot would certainly be appropriate.  But as a boot to grow into the 130 might be the way to go.



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went yesterday to different shop, tried the 130s and felt great, and today went back to my guy, he was understanding, helpful and ordered the 130s as he did not carry them, think I was a bit nervous , but actually all went well , and will go back again once they are delivered, any advice to what o may ask or look for, would be much appreciated, hope no bother, but I am quite excited about those boots, thx guys
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