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AT/Cross Country

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Hello all, I posted a few years ago about buying alpine skis after years of renting and received great advice.  This season I'm looking to get into off terrain downhill and cross country skiing.  I'm confident doing most  black diamonds and glades in New England.  I live in the Boston area and snowshoe when I can but the speed and downhill advantage of the AT ski really appeals to me.  I winter hike often and want to incorporate skiing into the experience.  I'm torn with buying straight up cross country skis and getting AT skis later or diving right into AT skis.  Financially I'd rather buy a great AT set and use it duel purpose. Is this the wrong approach?  Any help is appreciated, thank you



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Alpine Touring and Cross Country skiing are two very different activities. The gear really isn't going to serve double duty. If you want to go outside, get some exercise and enjoy some rolling terrain then you want XC gear. If you want to climb up a hill in order to ski back down you probably want AT gear. What is it you want to do?

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AT gear will not overlap with XC gear.  It can do double duty as alpine gear, as long as you don't need high performance or durability.

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