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Lange SC RS 22.5 to ?

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Need new boots for my 13-year old girl. She has been in 22.5 Lange SC RS 70 the last seasons and loved them, so I have found 2014 23.5 SC RS 90:s for very cheap.

Now to the question: Langes size guide say that 22.5 can be 35 and 36 European size (I guess depending on what shell) and 23.5 can correspond to 36.5 and 37 in European shoe size. How do I see if her 22.5:s are 35 or 36? I guess there should be numbers somewhere identifying what combo it is? Wouldn't want to go from 35 to 37.



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there are no 1/2 sizes in ski boots, the shell you have is a 22.0-22.5 which is one shell size with the same liner size end of, the way to see if the size is correct is to do a shell check and find out physically how much space there is in the shell.


with growing feet it is always a nightmare as parents want the boot to last so often want a boot too big, if you read the article at the top of the forum "which boot will work for me" it will give you some ideas about shell sizing  there is also a great article in ski racing by Jim Shaffner who posts on here giving tips on race boots for juniors

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Thanks. My concern isn't that they're not going to last, it's that they're too big. It's the Internetz and we can't try them before buying. But if I read you correct, there are no variations on a 22.5 and nothing in between Lange 22.5 and 23.5? Should be fine then as the 22.5 was a true race fit end of last season. cheers

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correct, if 22.5 is very tight at end of last season then 23.5 is the nest size available

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Thanks. The Lange size guide I found wasn't crystal clear on that. 23.5 is now on their way!
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