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Last weekend was pretty nice, this weekend looks decent.  For mid-March skiing in a messed-up weather year I'll take what I can get.

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Yes....CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

Snowing right now!

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Breakable Crust = Yard Sale

Be careful in da PM when it gets sloppy!

Maybe 21m x 66 underfoot GS skis weren't the best choice.

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Headed to the up this weekend. That foot last week in the western up extended them another couple of weeks. I thought they were done for two weeks ago when it was 67. Hopefully the Keweenaw gets a ton and bohemia can last well into april
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Yesterday was simply great skiing and great fun.

The snowpack held up all day.

Ran into Trailtrimmer but had to go to keep an appointment.

Latest update from Nubs...




Photo taken at the bottom of Scarface on 3/21/16


Michigan's best spring skiing is at NUB'S NOB!

Priority number one at Nub's is to provide the "Midwest's Best Snow" and there has never been a winter that more clearly demonstrates that commitment. Still open on more runs than anyone else in Michigan, and not a bare spot to be found, skiing and boarding right now is excellent. Lifts run everyday from 9 till 4:30 p.m. servicing all groomed runs on the Front side and Nub's South. Pintail Peak will reopen Friday thru Sunday with great conditions and bring our slope total to 42 runs. With a 10 day forecast calling for seasonal temperatures and both sunshine and snow, discounted lift tickets and great sales in the Demo Center and General Store, the last two weeks of the season promise to be some of the best sliding of the year.

April 3rd is our final scheduled day of the season.

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I was at Nubs Nob on Saturday and had a great time. We got there right at 9 and everything, including Pintail, was very nicely groomed. As the day went on it started to get a little soft, but still not bad at all compared to the rest of our weekend. They are charging a $40 spring rate, which was much appreciated especially since conditions were good.


We went to Boyne Mt on Sunday and it was a totally different story with bare/muddy spots on several runs and a few inches of slush on most others. They were still charging full price on lift tickets despite these conditions which was disappointing having gotten a nice discount for much nicer conditions the previous day at Nubs. Oh well.


Also went to Crystal Mt on Friday night and was greeted by the staff giving us evening tickets for $10 due to conditions, which was neat. What was open (just over half of the runs) was in decent shape, but some runs (especially Loki and Thor) had some significant piles of slush that kept things very interesting. We weren't expecting much since we got there so late in the day, but we had a good time.


Overall we had a great weekend given the weather and general trend of this winter

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Nubs + carving skis = big grins on Sunday. NASTAR was fast and furious and trying out tele skis for the first time was a hoot.

Every other place has mud and dirt, nubs just has snow. I'll be back next weekend for certain
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Yeah, Nubs was awesome Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this past weekend.  I heard Monday was just as awesome.  The stretch of sunny days, with temps in the low 20s at night and upper 30's during the day set-up for some awesome conditions over the weekend.


Mardi Gras was a good time as always, crowds seemed lighter than usual but probably also because the Boynes had their spring carnival parties the same weekend and also once we got those 60-70 degree days downstate it probably shut-off the interest of all but the die-hards.


I wrapped up my Nubs season Sunday since I'm busy the next two weekends with other things but it should be nice to the end.   I've got one last trip out west in mid-April to end it.


What a strange winter its been.  The first two weeks of March where a bit too warm, but the second half of March is shaping up nicely for some March skiing.

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Lutsen was 100% open this past weekend as well.   With a foot of new snow, coverage was really good.  There were a few scraped-off patches by Sat. afternoon, but not many.  Soft enough to be easy to dig an edge into, no slush at all.


Typical conversation on the chairlift:  "Where to next?"  "I don't care, they're all great."


Last I looked, they run a 2-for-1 sale over Easter weekend, and there's no major thaw in the near-term forecast...

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It's On!

Easy 12" that will groom beautifully.


Come to Nub's Nob this weekend for epic spring skiing!

Reasons to visit Nub's Nob this weekend:

  1. A foot of fresh snow landed at Nub's Nob in the past 24 hours.
  2. Weekend forecast is calling for sun and temperatures in the upper 30's.
  3. Nearly 100% of our terrain will be open including terrain park, cross country trails, glades and Pintail Peak. 
  4. Lift tickets are at spring rates and you can find awesome deals on lodging that include lift tickets by clicking here.
  5. Easter Egg hunt for the kids on Sunday afternoon.
  6. Most items in the General Store are 40% off and we are selling our 2015-16 Demo Skis at wholesale prices.

Only two weekends left! The last day of the season is April 3rd.

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I'd be there Sat & Sun for both weekends if I hadn't torched my knee last Saturday! Enjoy it for me!
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Boyne mountain is still making a go of it.  They have gotten more snow and will likely spin the victor chair along with the high speed this weekend.  Working late tonight, taking tomorrow off to go hit it.

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End of the season at Nubs was a powder day.

Full on snowstorm.

I lured my recently back from Florida buddy Doug out for his first and last day.

Doug can ski and I'm lucky to have had him as a skiing friend.

Former head of the PSIA Central Region Technical committee and Senior Examiner, Doug certified the LIII's.

The goal of his skiing is smoothness and efficiency.

A totally great last day and the best last two weeks for a season I can remember.

Next year Bears!

Now to heal up for a few weeks before the watersports begin.

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^^^^ So true! I extended my season at a close by hill on Friday and Saturday. If I ever needed a reminder of why I am a Nubs pass holder, this last pair of days was a vivid example.

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It's time . . . the 2016-17 thread has started.  Locking this one.



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