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Interski 2015 Comparison

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I watched all the various videos I could find coming out of interski, does anyone know if there have been any comparison videos comparing the technique of various countries?  


Not the syncro skiing...


The vast majority of what I have seen so far appears to be syncro skiing, which is not the best way to showcase the technique of each country.  What I really want to see is actual demonstrations by one or maybe two skiers at a time of various types of turns.  Even better if someone has compiled a comparison video with commentary, but I haven't seen it yet, mostly just a lot of syncro skiing, which in my opinion tends to hide the true technique and style differences between countries.

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CSIA is preparing a contrast video with 2 members of select teams. Two members were selected from the teams and came to a specific film session to focus on short, medium (?), and long turns.  The objective is to document the differences in the models of individual countries. AFAIK, it has not been published yet.



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awesome, thanks for the update!  Will look forward to seeing that.

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