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If you decide to try the Black Pearl in 166, I believe the Bushwacker is the same ski with different graphics and is sometimes cheaper, especially in the shortest lengths.

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The Black Pearl would be my vote. My son, 15 lbs lighter, 3 inches taller, same age, also U14, is moving from a 148 Gotama Jr. to a 159 Bushwacker. He's an aggressive skier, didn't find full rocker skis to be very useful outside terrain parks, and Jr. skis in general no longer had the grip he was looking for. We combed around looking for something light and flexy, some guts, lengths below 160, and cheap. Because he'll outgrow them in a year. Bushwacker Blems from a few seasons ago seemed to fill the bill. Will report back on outcome. 

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follow up from my daughter, she feels the vantage 90  was a bit stiffer then the Black  Pearl.   and I second all of Markojp's comments

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So follow up Q: Are there any differeces between Black Pearls 2014, 2015 ... etc?
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Originally Posted by Utagonian View Post

I'd look at skis about head height and she is at the transition between kids and adult.  I bet something like a Volkl Mantra Jr. in 158 or a 159 Blizzard Black Pearl in 159 or 166 would work.    If she is really strong, maybe even a 166 Bramah?  As my son gets better he says he prefers his free skis to be more "directional" and less "slarvy".  Makes me wonder if she might prefer something like a Head i.Supershape Titan in 156 or Skilogik Front Burner in 158...


Once she tries something please report back. 

Long time since pre-season, but never got around to get those all-mountains. But back then someone suggested a Völkl Yumi as a good all-mountain alternative for a young race girl -- and she actually tried them for a day recently. She skied them in 168 as 161 wasn't available, but it turned out to be a good length. Got a chance to run them three or four times through a GS course as well as free skiing them for half a day. She really wants them. Compared to her GS race skis which she normally use for free skiing (Dynastar Team Course WC 165), she said that the Völkls had a similar feel and that she could push them almost as hard and fast as her GS skis in a piste. The plus was that they were much easier to do different turns on and that they were much better to jump with. She's 13, 2nd year U14 racer, ca 50 kgs, 158ish cm tall. Didn't really get a chance to ski outside the piste as conditions were a little thin.

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