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How do these skis look?

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So I was on vacation in a ski resort town in Quebec and my boyfriend (who skis a lot) went with me to the local equivalent of Goodwill to check out ski equipment. We grabbed these, which appear to be in decent shape but need tuning, for my first skis along with a pair of snowblades which are in not-so-great shape. The bindings appear to be Rossignol axium 70s which I see for sale online for around $120:




We took them up to the ski shop to take a look at. They said they're decent and appear to be in good shape. I do not have boots (I'm going to spend good money on those, I've historically had trouble finding pairs that fit on my feet and will also buckle around my fat calves) and ski season is still several months out so they didn't try to adjust them. They said not to use the snowblades because they have old, nonreleasable bindings on them and I am likely to break an ankle as a newbie:



They're also covered in rust. They were however $5 and I love snowblading so we picked them up to see if they could be salvaged (ski shop said yes but ditch the bindings).

Thoughts? Do these look like skis that won't kill me? Since the haul in total was $28 and included a pair of like-new cross country skis and poles that are actually the right size that had tags on them still, I won't be upset if the answer is 'yeah, those will kill you'.

Like I said, I'm going to throw some money on good boots that fit properly because used pairs just don't seem to do anything but hurt/not fit. I got a helmet and goggles as well (half off!) but that seems less important than the basic stuff :P

Good recommendations for fat girl ski boots would also be appreciated. I was suggested the head cube 3 12w by the ski shop but alas they had none in my size and I may have to wait until October.

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Yeah, they'll kill ya!  


kidding, can't resist the offer to be a smart *ss. I have no idea and would reason your ski shop has far better valid comment than me! 


but looks based on shops comments to be deal, worst case use them for furniture!  : )

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Haha, thank you!

My biggest fear was the binding and whether or not the manufacturer would still cover it and therefore my local ski shop which is NOT in quebec would work on them. But the fact that these bindings still appear to be for sale has assuaged that fear ;)

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I have a pair of skis similar in specs. Skied them for a number of years. Good carving ski.
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