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Taos Card 2016?

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Has anyone heard if they are offering the Taos Card again this year? Wondering if it's been replaced by the Mountain Collective.

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I believe they still offer the Taos card.


If you are skiing TSV exclusively and using last year's TSV prices, the current MCP does not become cost effective until Day 10.

If you skiing that many days at TSV, The Millennium pass is a better bet. The pay off happens after 8 days. After 7 days if you got it last spring. 

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Their Facebook page has a reply to an inquiry about that, saying the Taos Card will be offered in October, after some computer monkey business.  

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Thanks for helping me figure this out - I'm doing my calculations for the season, during this heat wave in Central CA. In the past I've renewed the Taos card for $35 which got me $17 off the normal day price, plus the 7th day free. I'm always there end of Feb / early March for 8-9 days. But am also at Mammoth a lot, and Alta for a couple days so I think the Mountain Collective makes good sense this year... a new factor in the budgeting equation.

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Choices are never easy. :D

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No sir. Breaking a sweat here:cool

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