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Originally Posted by chickenmonkey View Post

That is what I am talking about. Showing some signs of life. Super yay! Even if it's just GC and Kangaroo, they shut my bellyaching up smile.gif


Yep there you go... Kangaroo and Gold Coast, two chairs I avoid like the plague in the actual ski season. Too funny. I will go with my original plan and go surf, as there is actually waves.

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Rose picked up a foot of lake-effect snow last night, and downtown Reno got in on the action too. I started my shift at work in downtown Reno at 7 PM and spent the first three hours of my shift shoveling snow around the building and salting the ground. At the time of heaviest snowfall, as soon as we finished clearing one set of stairs the other set was already completely covered again (a timespan of maybe 10-20 minutes). It looked like we totaled 5-6" around downtown by this morning.


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The Kirkwood facebook page says they are opening 1,5, and 6 on Saturday the 14th: 


"Houston, this is KirkwoodMtn... We are officially requesting to raise the ‪#‎StokeLevelRising‬ to 13...

Chairs 6, 5 & 1 on final countdown to launch on Saturday morning the 14th! Mtn. Operations on final prep for opening day...

Yes, We will open for the 15/16 season here on Saturday the 14th of November with the most terrain in the Lake Tahoe region, the most‪#‎MotherNaturesNatural‬ snow and the only expert top to bottom terrain... We are looking at Monte's to Sentinel and all in-between mis amigos... 
Get'm out, wax'm up and get yourself up for the opening day here this Saturday..."


I'll be there, and Heavenly on Sunday. 

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Sentinel is open? My plans just changed smile.gif. I'll most likely be there Saturday
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Count me in for Kirkwood on Saturday too.  CaliSki - maybe I'll see you there.  Same getup for me as last year when we met up.

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^^Please find and mark all the rocks with P-Tex for us folk heading up on Sun.

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Might have to cancel golf this weekend...Kirkwood is looking inviting.

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Nov 11 2015 VS Nov 11 2014 Snowpack



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Kirkwood was the clincher for me. Pulled the trigger on the Tahoe locals pass, cancelled my Moab trip, took the bike rack off the Subie & heading for Tahoe now!

Utah can thank me when it dumps snow on Sunday! tongue.gif

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We ran into a couple of Tahoe locals at Mammoth Nov. 11.  They were glad they made the trip as evidenced by my TR: http://www.epicski.com/t/143662/mammoth-nov-11-12-2015

You won't be skiing just on the bunny hill if you make the trek to Mammoth.

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You won't be on the bunny hill at Kirkwood either, nor Heavenly.  But yes, obviously Mammoth is the spot to go right now if you're up for an extra 6 hours (r/t) of driving time.

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Rose opened Lakeview today. Nice runs to get your legs back. Here is a pic of Facerun, on the main side. Hopefully it will be ready after Sundays storm.
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Originally Posted by StoicDude View Post

Rose opened Lakeview today. Nice runs to get your legs back. Here is a pic of Facerun, on the main side. Hopefully it will be ready after Sundays storm.


Do not go off the main run there, unless you want to support the orthopods of Tahoe/Reno, that isn't a lot of snow. Those lumps aren't snow lumps... Just saying.. 

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NWS this Saturday morning has slowed the onset of the approaching front, bumped up precipitation with lower snow levels.   Last few days they were spouting 9k foot initial slurpy Tahoe region snow levels decreasing to 7k then after passage 5k showers.  Now looking like snow will start at 6k to 5k then decrease to 5k to 4k that will mean good mid winter powder conditions above 7k where most of our ski runs be.


Declined the notion of getting my opening season runs in today at KW because although the first storm 2 weeks ago laid down a nice layer, the one last Sunday added less than was advertised or played up.  But this next storm ought to fix that so just might take some PTO for Wednesday to get a single day in which is about as much as my body can handle on a first day.  Also better to give the resort a few days to get things running more smoothly and midweek getting my pass printed ought be quicker without any lines.  Any older hi tech persons m/f down here in the South Bay that wants to share one day out and back gas costs send me a PM.

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Any one skied NOrthstar or squaw today? how was it.

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Caught the first day at Heavenly today.  We were originally planning on Kirkwood, but I was afraid of a s#&*t show on chair 6 first thing and didn't want to risk getting my wife injured the first day of the season.  She's had 2 ACL replacements so we need to be more careful now. 


The line for the Gondi stretched around past the season pass office when it opened at 8:30, but surprisingly there were hardly any lines on the mountain.  It looked like about 95% season pass holders because there was no traffic at the ticket window, but a huge line at the pass office.


There were only 2 real runs open: California on Tamarack and Orion's on Dipper.  Both had good coverage and the snow surface was soft.  It was surprisingly fun for the limited terrain they had open.  There was a lot of stoke out there.


 For some reason they were also running Comet for access back to Tamarack, but the Comet run was not open.  Patrol said one more day of snowmaking there and they will open it.



We are thinking of heading to Kirkwood tomorrow if the road situation isn't too crazy.  They aren't as affected by winds and I'm pretty sure Heavenly will not be open tomorrow if the wind forecast verifies.

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The above TR confirms my view of the relative merits of Mammoth and Tahoe at the moment.  With just the two runs open, it was smart to get on it the first day before skier traffic eventually hardens the surface.

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Kirkwood was fine today. There was a line for chair 6 at 9:00, we did not wait for a chair once after that. There was a couple minute wait for 5 throughout the day.
Snow was heavier some places than other, with Sentinel being the place to be.
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I was working at True North yesterday and was crazy busy at the boot bench. 

Pretty much everyone said that this was really good and they can't wait to see more terrain open up. 


Glad to hear that other places are skiing well for early open. 

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Hmm, Kirkwood's looking pretty good, and short lines, but don't think Heavenly ever opened up for skiing today. They have been getting snow most of the morning, though.  ;-)


The Great White Hope

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As I expected, Heavenly never opened today so our plan to hit Kirkwood worked out well.  When we left South Lake at about 8:15AM the sun was out and there were a few clouds around but it didn't look like it was going to snow.  I threw the regular skis in instead of the powder skis.  FAIL!  At 9AM it was dumping in Kirkwood with about 3" already on the ground.  Chair 11 opened for the season, so we headed over there and got the 4th chair of the season.  Lots of powder and very few people skiing there meant several great runs.  It looked mostly like this:

There were a few rocks under there, but I didn't hit any sharp ones that threw me.  It was pretty great. Surprisingly there were no lines at 11 or any other chair.


After 11 we headed over to 6 and tried out Sentinel.  That was probably the most difficult run down Sentinel I've ever had.  


The lower half was all weeds, small trees, and bumps with rocks in the trough's.  To be fair, there were plenty of people tearing it up, but I wasn't one of them.  I hate hitting rocks so tend to go into ski conservation mode after the first one.


Overall, huge kudos to Kirkwood for opening up a huge amount of terrain with the current low tide.  The snow report said something like 200 acres open this morning, but that's completely wrong.  There are very few ropes anywhere -- just plenty of "Caution" signs.

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Anyone head to Alpine Meadows or Squaw this weekend? Was going to head out tomorrow morning and didn't know which to hit up...
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Originally Posted by Mitch Markey View Post

Anyone head to Alpine Meadows or Squaw this weekend? Was going to head out tomorrow morning and didn't know which to hit up...


I skied Alpine on Saturday and they just had Kangaroo running. Squaw only opened Gold Coast (I believe), but they also had were some wind holds today.


Don't know if either mountain will open more terrain after the storm today, but if it's windy Kangaroo might be the better choice for tomorrow. 

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It seems clear from the weekend TR's that Kirkwood is the Tahoe area of choice if you're not willing to drive to Mammoth.   This is obvious if you remember the first storm Nov. 1-3.  That one dumped 2 1/2 feet at the top of Mammoth, possibly 1+ foot on the upper elevations of Kirkwood, Heavenly and Mt. Rose but more rain than snow elsewhere.   I frankly would have expected more upper terrain open than 2 runs at Heavenly, but Heavenly chronically gets far less snow than Kirkwood.  Natural snow terrain still needs to be mostly at 9,000+ feet.

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Squaw opened Funi around noon yesterday.  5 or 6 inches of snow up top to start with more coming down so even though it was only Gold Coast it was still pretty fun for the first several laps.

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Rose has been opening all their beginner terrain, at the expense of steeper stuff, when in years past they opened a solid mix of intermediate and beginner stuff. People skiing this time of year aren't likely to be beginners. One possibility I've thought of is that the rains we had over the summer washed away all the dirt from the steeper stuff on Rose, meaning that it takes more coverage to be ski-able. I noticed that erosion happening on Peavine Mountain here in Reno while on my mountain bike, where many trails were much rougher and rockier than before the summer rains. Anyone in the know have any other explanations?

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I think rose is blowing snow low (beginner terrain) because they ran out of that terrain in the spring this year. Plenty if snow on top, and runouts were bad, so I think they ll make sure they keep the runout base in better conditions this time.
They were blowing all day today on Kit Carson bowl.
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Originally Posted by Tony Crocker View Post

Kirkwood is the Tahoe area of choice if you're not willing to drive to Mammoth.  

Kirkwood had more advanced terrain open today than Heavenly or Northstar, even with Cornice on windhold all day due to reported 60 mph gusts from NE that were stripping the top. But it was all on slow lifts. See http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11914 for more details and some pictures. I'm wondering if Heavenly opened anything on Monday after being closed on Sunday.

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More first day skiing vertical than I'm going to get in Wednesday, impressive.   Noticed huge banners off the ridge on the Cornice cam on a couple looks today. Not a lot of fun riding lifts in that east wind haha.  Wednesday will drive up by 9-ish to Cornice lot then first thing will be over at the season ticket office so they can can print pass.    Probably be content to yo yo down Reut rediscovering ski muscles and body position with rock blasting away inside the inner world of my helmet.  But will stay away from rock off groomed under snow.  NWS just came out with long range for potential cold storm on the horizon 9 days out that has potential for white turkey days.

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