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Larger sizes in pants?

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Hey guys,


I've seen a few posts but they were from a couple of years ago.

I currently live in Australia and am heading over to Whistler to work the coming seasons so it's time to update my ski gear.

im finding it extremely hard to find ski pants to fit my ghetto booty (48" waist) even more so because I don't really know what shops are over there or anything :/

So I'm basically just wondering if anyone had suggestions for brands that caters for the larger bloke?

oh I'm not tall either, I think 5'7" (175cm) and just because I'm well rounded doesn't mean I don't have style either :P


Jackets I'm ok with, just ski pants *sigh*



cheers in advance for the help guys!



p.s sorry if this is the wrong section, I based it off the link that brought me here :)

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You could try looking for a Brit brand called Dare2Be - they make in big sizes in skittles colours and decent enough if you go for the 15,000-20,000 mm products.  Available online from Brit retailers probably clearance priced at the moment so you could probably buy a couple of pairs and cover shipping without being too much out of pocket.  Also available in Austria and I saw them at SIA so I assume they are trying to break N America.

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Go on-line to Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, or Gerry and you should find pants that fit.  They will deliver anywhere so it should not be a problem.  Some may even offer different inseam length (Short, Med, & Tall).  About 5 years ago I found ski pants for XL, XXL, & XXXL sizes by the Slalom Skiwear Company but I am not sure they are still in business and they did not say what measurements made up the XXXL size. 

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I have a ski buddy who's big, like you. Taller. I know that he's found luck with Marker branded pants, which I think are made up to a 4XL. He's a former NFL player….BIG. 


One suggestion that I'll pass on, if you end up with a pair of pants worth the investment, is to consider having them altered {shortened in your case, I imagine} by a shop that knows their stuff. My go-to is Rainy Pass Repair,   They do a lot of the factory repair work for some of the better known makers. I've had pants altered by them, and they look perfect in terms of the fit: the knees articulate where they should, zippers are perfect, cuffs moved to function perfectly. Now they are not cheap. They do great work. 


I keep my ski clothing for a long time, and ski 60+ days a season. I'm OK with $135-150 to make a pair of pants fit perfectly, particularly if I've sourced a deal on them to begin with. I have been amazed at what they've been able to do. 


For kicks I just looked at Ebay, lots of 3XL and 4XL pants on there. Including some Kjus 3XL! 

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Not stylish, but worth the price.


Has sizes to 4XL, lengths Short to Tall.

They are my goto pants.
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Thanks guys!
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Eddie Bauer isn't offering anymore. Columbia unfortunately is maybe your only option these days.
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Originally Posted by cbtbakkes View Post

Eddie Bauer isn't offering anymore. Columbia unfortunately is maybe your only option these days.

Look up Eddie Bauer "All Mountain Pants". Available up to XXXL size 48 - 50 waist

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I just looked on their web site again and 2x is the largest this year. I know they used to go to a 4x if you shop on eBay.
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175cm is 5'9", you are taller than you think. ;)

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