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Hey gang. Ski season is coming up fast. Gotta get the legs ready for skiing, time to get training! 


I've been riding my bike 2-3x/week and getting in 1 trail run per week. Going to add another trail run, and bring mileage up on the bike (and get consistent with 3x/week riding) starting this coming week.


If anyone wants to join me, I get out on the trails in Penasquitos Canyon at 6am on Mon and Friday mornings for a trail run, dropping in from Carmel Mtn Rd in Carmel Valley up on the mesa.

Riding is usually 6am Tues & Thurs training rides with Swami's Cycling Club up in Carlsbad, and then a long ride on Sat or Sunday from 7am - 11am. On weekends, I don't often do the big group rides, usually get a few friends together for some rolling hill riding in Rancho Santa Fe area, then up to Oceanside Pier and back down the coast. Really nice ride.


I'm located in Carmel Valley / Del Mar area. 


If you wanna hook up for some pre-season training, let's try to get a group together, and then do some skiing together this season!