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Tore the meniscus in my right knee in March in a little tumble through the throat.  Cost me my first heli-ski trip that was scheduled 12 days later.  Damnit!!  And yeah...it's stupid-steep!

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Hotter than an 8th grader in June today !
Snow melting fast, gonna have to get creative on the snow pushing.
Ch 3 shut down early today, death on the hill, guy had a seizure on ch3
& fell off chair to rocks below, rumor is it was an instructor.
Drop out 1 & 3 stayed nice most of the day.

Edit: it was a long time ski coach I'm told.
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It was Team Summit's Alpine Director Greg Needell. 

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I got a phone call about this right after it occurred. Incident was witnessed by a number of kids and coaches from other clubs out there training. Needless to say, they all are taking this very hard. Very sad situation. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.
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Wow!  Sad to hear.  I've been reading Gregs blog during the Alpine World Cup race season for the past few years.  Full of great insights & generally fun stuff:





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Lower mountain is becoming ugly, shoulda started pushing snow earlier, gonna be hard for race camps,
Top of the mountain is still killer, from 7:30 to about 11:00.
Better get it now !

EDIT: Wouldn't let me upload aNY pic's......?
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Wow... are they really going to make July 4th?

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Originally Posted by dbostedo View Post

Wow... are they really going to make July 4th?
Looks better than last years Memorial Day
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differnt angle


EDIT: photo fri morning 6/10

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Pictures always tell the story.  Sorry to see Fascination and Andy's Double Gold are probably done.  At least the strip from St. Anton is still there.


We're driving up tomorrow to ski Sunday and maybe one more day.  There is no question IMHO from that pic that Broadway will be done way before July and up/downloading will be necessary.


I'll take some pics of the upper mountain Sunday.  I expect it's still good with several runs open now, but I suspect it will be only Cornice and Climax in July.  Note top of 23 is visible upper right in the pics above.


Originally Posted by near nyquist View Post

Looks better than last years Memorial Day

Yes it does, but check out out some closing weekend pictures from other years here: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=10998


The route from Scotty's across Monument to the Paranoids is completely severed now.  I skied that June 1, 2013 and July 1-2, 2006.  Wipe Out 1 is steadily narrowing at the bottom of the rocks and I'd be very surprised if it stays open to July.  


Compare now to 2 weeks ago at Memorial Day and extrapolate 3 more weeks of June snowmelt.....Only Cornice, Climax and Saddle Bowl will be skiable IMHO.


361 inches of snowfall is dead average and water content of 11.9% is actually a bit below average.  My educated (based upon late season since 1982) is that July 4 will look similar to Memorial Day of the recent bad seasons on the upper mountain, with downloading required below McCoy Station.

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I was surprised how much the snow had melted just over last weekend.

You could see wipe out getting narrower by the day. Fri was the first day the gondi has opened 

in two weeks, Climax was awesome! Not too suncupped, but perfect baked corn snow. Drop out is still solid, have to hike anything west (?) of wipeout, scottys, monuments,noid's

July 4th is gonna be tough to get to...IMHO


Buuuut, Im there until they kick me out...lol.....


get up & enjoy the last dayz

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TR and pics from today June 12: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12165

Mid-mountain as well as the Main Lodge area is already quite restricted in terms of coverage.


Compare to June 13, 2009: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=8036


That was not a great ski day as the top was closed for fog all day. However I did not see a single run that did not have more coverage then than it does now. The next day June 14 was closing day. Some people on Mammoth Forum were grumbling about that close in 2009 but it was clear Broadway would not last to July. Also given the state of the SoCal economy in spring 2009 attendance was down during a quite good snow season with 100 more inches snowfall than this year, so there may have been other reasons Mammoth closed then.


The bottom line is that my opinion has been reinforced. Do not wait until July if you want to ski Mammoth again this season.

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Monday June 13 was much better than Sunday: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12166


Weather was clear, the snow set up overnight and groomers were good all morning.  Top runs that were sufficiently skier packed skied well too, notably Drop Out 1&3 and Wipe Out.  FYI Mammoth's closing time has been pushed back to noon, probably advisable if it gets as warm as last week. High today was predicted 49F.

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Snow on drop out 1 & 3 have remained awesome, colder nights and a wind has helped keep snow.
Camps have every inch of grommers taken, kinda tough getting back to a chair without bombing a few gates.
Awesome spring skiing, love chair 23 in the wind, 40 mph gusts....good times......

Hasta mon yana
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Chair 23 in high winds would be an adventure! Probably the most "dangerous" chair I've been on.
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Chair 23 is often sheltered from the highest winds, though I would guess management is more conservative about running it.   Nonetheless I have often been on chair 23 in very mild winds when chairs like 1,2,3,5 and 10 have been getting blasted hard.

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Top of the mountain socked in this morning
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 cleared up bout 9ish....still slight breeze keeping snow good.

next week will be tough......

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I see the St. Anton exit strip still going behind the bus. I'm not sure whether Powder Bowl is still open. 

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Powder Bowl is still open. There is a ribbon to reach it but the snow is still decent. They've had gates set up on it all week, but I haven't seen much activity on the slope.
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wider shot..

Thurs  7am

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Also new hours, again 7/13
7:30 - 12:00
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#23 in a breeze, the day prior the wind shut down all aerial lifts, even the Village gondy. 2/19/16 

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Broadway may be finished, downloading from gondola, gondie & chrs 3 & 23 open.
Loading g bikes now lower gondola & ch 11.
Bad connection, pix later.
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Drop out 3 will be walk in only by tomorrow , thin goat trai in this morning, maybe closed by the weekend.
Most race camps are gone, mtn bikers at mccoy now.. a bit of a cluster f....
IMHO, snow is still killer from first chair till bout 11:30
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Yesterdays view..
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My predictions were quite accurate.  When I was there June 12-13 I thought Broadway/Powder Bowl/Lower St. Anton would last one more week.  Was the weekend of June 18-19 the end of the race camps?


Note also in the last pic above that Wipe Out 1 is now blocked at the bottom of the rocks, which I also expected after skiing it on June 13.


Even though I'm done for the season, I'm pleased to see Mammoth persist with just the upper mountain for another 2 weeks after closing chair 1.  I have no doubt the skiing is still good on the limited terrain with the right weather/timing.   But it won't be if you get a big crowd out there for the holiday: not enough lift or terrain capacity to support that.

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home for the weekend then back up for closing week. chr 23's last day is this Sunday, though D1 & 3 still rock, the top has a few rocks, small traverse getting in & then out at the bottom. The suncups are getting deep. almost all race camps were gone this week, one or two small teams still out until 11:00ish.

The face of 3's last day was thurs. back still good. Climax & Cornice will be your choices for next week. Clamax was fun all week all day !

Fire N of Lee Vining this morning, 395n was closed.

I took a few videos for your consideration....

been a good year, hope I didnt clog this thread too much...

see ya'll next year...



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Oh, and they are loading mtn bikes to the top, they go off the back, but lots of bikers & sightseers.....

sorry for the bad video, too tired to edit down......

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