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Originally Posted by cosmoliu View Post

Nice vid in Hangman's too! Note to non-CA Bears: it's steeper than the helmet cam makes it look!


MUCH steeper! I haven't skied it but got a look at it this season. It tops out at almost 45 degrees, according to Hillmap. You can tell in the video by watching the patrolman pick his way through the rocks. In the video it almost looks like he's laying down, but since he's side-slipping, he's actually standing pretty upright.


Original frame :



Rotated to put the patrolman in approximately the right position :

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top felt steeper than in years past also, maybe im jus older ...lol


the snow was really good though.

like the rotated pic...looks much more like reality

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5/1/16                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hangmans

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Thanks for the vids! I'll be there Friday and Saturday and was hoping the snow was still good.

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It was still good today 5/16, first day of spring hours, 7:30 -2:00 .
Typical spring conditions, hard & fast in am, softening up by 9:30-10:00
No one here, wide open.
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I read that a projected closing date has been set for June 12th, for now. 

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Originally Posted by NED79 View Post

I read that a projected closing date has been set for June 12th, for now. 

Hearing the same as of today.
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anyone heading up this week ?
Cya @ ch2....
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We will be at Mammoth for Memorial Day weekend.

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Sadly, my days are over :mad. It's on to Biking and Hiking for me until Dec. :)

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Originally Posted by , Tony Crocker View Post

We will be at Mammoth for Memorial Day weekend.
Tony , I only give it a10% chance we might be up there. Need to see how busy the work week ends and how the pinch nerve in the neck feels. Probably skiing Sunday, Monday and driving up 3 AM Sunday morning... I'll post in this thread early Saturday morning!, would like to catch a few lifts with you!... Just my son(19) and I will be heading up.
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Another killer day. Clouds covered the top most of the day, a cold, steady wind blew the bottom.
Visibility was good however, snow was firm, not hard in the morning, softened nicely later..
Time for happy hour, sleep & do it again.

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Sounded like Mammoth got some showers today. I'm planning to be there Fri/Sat. I can't let those MCP days go to waste.

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Looks like hard pack Condition, we're out!
Monday- Tuesday goes back to 70* wtf!!!
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Not sure how previous poster got hard pack. I skied Mammoth from 7:45-2:10 on Friday and 7;45-1:30 on Sat. Snow was a little firm the first hour and held up better on Friday. On Friday, I did some quick laps on chair 3 after 1:30 before getting on upper gondola at 1:55, finishing with Cornice and skied 36K vertical, my highest day of the year. The top half of upper mountain was very good until the end both days, but the ungroomed on lower part of chair 23 got a little too soft so I would sometimes traverse to a groomer after skiing one of the WipeOut or DropOut chutes. I finished Saturday with a run down Climax where snow may have improved since morning as it had clouded up and was out of the afternoon sun. There was some thunder on Saturday, but I did not get any rain until well N of Mammoth on my way home. I did have some rain and lightening and a very little hail going over Sonora Pass.

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I guess hard pack conditions is a wrong term, for cooler stormy conditions...45mph winds up top and thunder storms in the area. I guess what I wanted was retro gear and shorts in the Sunny 70s.... You know spring conditions!
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It's not hardpack conditions if it barely or never freezes overnight, no matter whether you have unsettled weather, clouds, rain during the day.  Today started out warm and clear until 10AM with nearly everything softened by 9AM.  The cloudiness after 10AM did not refreeze the snow and probably delayed the onset of sticky conditions, actually extended the period with good spring snow.  We skied 21K, quit at 1PM as we still have 2 more days.  If there was wind, it didn't happen until after we left.  It was raining when we were in our condo hot tub ~3PM.


I've skied better Memorial weekends at Mammoth, but this one is certainly worthwhile so far.

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Originally Posted by SumSand View Post

I guess hard pack conditions is a wrong term, for cooler stormy conditions...45mph winds up top and thunder storms in the area. I guess what I wanted was retro gear and shorts in the Sunny 70s.... You know spring conditions!

Still not sure where you are getting reports as I did not see 45 mph winds. On Friday there was some wind when I was at top as gondola was closing for skiers and boarders a little after 2 pm, but it was probably only 20 mph, 25 at most. There was less wind on Saturday and I did see a couple of people in shorts. I changed my fleece jacket for a fleece vest with only a very thin base layer and was a little cool from 10-11. I also changed my googles for sun glasses, but went back to googles after hike to ski Paranoids 2 that I did after Tony Crocker left. I also did one more bottom to top gondola and a chair 3. With the one chair 2 lap I had before Tony got there, I had over 25K vertical.


It seems like spring conditions at Mammoth will often include thunderstorms at some point during the day. You just hope they don't hit too early or when you are riding a lift.


Edited to add picture taken at 2:04 PM on Friday when it was windy. Flags they added to sign at top for Memorial Day were not moving that much.

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Look for highs in the mid 50s at Main lodge right thru Memorial Day. Winds will come up during th e late morning hours with gust 15-25 out of the SW after lunch and gusts in excess of 45 MPH near Thunder Storms.

Today and Sunday we can also expect Thunder Storms to develop with a chance for some heavy rain with snow above 9000 – 10,000 feet in the afternoon hours.
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SnowMan Out !!!!
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Last day for 2, 6,11,gondie out until weekend of june12.
Patrol was talking about July 4th rumors
Snow was soft from first run, held up until 1ish
Getting warmer all week
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+10 fun 😃
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Lift op's & patrol spreading 4th of July closing .
Unofficially official . ..
Yesterday was warm, today was hot
Still kick ass fun
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It's looking official (although it may only be for snowboarders) as Mammoth posted the following on Facebook:  Why stop the fun - we'll be open for shredding until the 4th of July!

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Now very official !  July 4 th   For snowboarding and skiing. (weather permitting)

Plan to be open to the top as long as possible !


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I'm quite surprised by the July 4 announcement on an average 361 inches snowfall. They already had to move snow into the entry to top of 3. I have no doubt that Cornice/Climax/Saddle Bowl have enough snow to last until July 4. But maintaining a strip down to Main Lodge would be a challenge. Perhaps the success in keeping that strip open to Memorial Day in 2012, 2014 and 2015 has increased management confidence.

There is no precedent since I've been skiing at Mammoth since 1978 of a July close with less than 434 inches snowfall. The old stat sheet posted in the Main Lodge in the 1990's (which I copied) shows a few such seasons in the early 1970's.

I note Mammoth Snowman has posted that the "Broadway Rule" has been rescinded.  The gondola will be used for downloading from McCoy Station when necessary. In 1981 and 1986 I skied late season on the upper mountain only with gondola for access. But current management previously stated explicitly in recent seasons (2009, 2010) that they will close if there is no ski coverage down to Main Lodge. My SWAG is that Mammoth has booked race camps to pay the bills through June, and then the marketing cachet of being open July 4 is worthwhile whether Broadway is open or not.

It's great news, but my advice is to get up there sometime in June and don't wait for the July holiday, which will be much busier on a quite limited amount of terrain by comparison. Chair 2 closed Tuesday, which takes out a chunk of terrain previously open, plus the most convenient parking. Once the snow is gone from lower St. Anton, it becomes difficult to ski very far skier's left on chair 23 (Scotty's, Monument, etc.).

The gondola will be closed for maintenance through June 9. This may degrade Climax with suncupping for lack of skier traffic. I'd recommend the weekends of June 11-12 or June 18-19. I'll also mention that even though May was much cooler than average to preserve the snowpack, it's been scorching hot all over CA since Tuesday. L.A. Times says Mammoth Lakes will hit 86F today. :sweat: Liz wants to get in another day and I have no objection to another "mixed" Sierra trip later this month.
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I know they have a lot of race camps scheduled in June plus the mountain bike park opens on 10 June. Still recall years ago, loading bikes and skis on the gondola and getting off at the top.

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Hello Last chance skiers: Planning to make M.M. next Sunday the 12th. Know that only 3 lifts, but would like to get referal for a ski buddy that Sunday, starting bright and early. 1st time in M.M. but experienced Lake Tahoe skier. If no reply here OK to [send PM, phone # removed]. Looking forward to being on the slopes one more time, but realistic about conditions. Best- W.S.


Moderator note: phone number removed

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Hours change: 7:30 - 1:00
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Originally Posted by cosmoliu View Post

Nice vid in Hangman's too! Note to non-CA Bears: it's steeper than the helmet cam makes it look!

Much steeper.  Watched my buddy tomahawk down it a few seasons back.

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