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I do remember François when he worked in northern Michigan.

We shaw each other in Boyne in the 70's. The occasion was a pro ski race or a Nastar event maybe. I have not heard from him since. He must be retired by now or maybe passed away.

In March 2009 a French ski instructor named François Jeangeorges was buried in Pralognan. He worked in one of the Courchevel area ski schools.

He was 66 years old so one year older than me.

There are quite a few Jeangeorges in the Tarentaise and Vanoise areas. So I can't confirm if he is the same François who worked in Michigan.


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I think Francois in Michigan (he moved to California with his wife, Pam) participated in the local pro race program then. They raced at the Boynes, SugarLoaf and Schuss, I think. I think he did some local pro racing in California during the 1970s. My wife thinks he was about my age, which currently is 76. I think he was several years younger when I worked for him. He said he was a national team member in the 1960s, but was injured every time he qualified to represent France in a world cup event.
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