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Consistent acclaim for new K2's

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I recognize that a lot ski reviews are limited/bias--but one thing I look for is consistency, and it seems like we need to give K2 it's due... As Phil reported earlier-- the new line up appears to earning high praise across the board in both print and digital publication, including Real Skiers. I am not a k2 shill--I only make the point because in past -- I thought of k2's as ideal, risk free, pick primarily for the 10 - 15 day a year skier who purchased at the local/city shop and prized slow speed ease of use over performance... That is not a judgement... By any stretch... But it seems like they've truly elevated performance envelope this year. I'm just saying.
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I think K2 has been going along in 2 different tracks for a while now. On the one hand, you had the cruiser/intermediate/front side models, which were never outstanding. Then you had the freestyle/freeride category, with models like the Public Enemy, Missdemeanor, as well as the Pontoons and the Obsetheds. Their second category was much better than the first. 

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Maybe the brand new stuff is great.  But I also think K2 started coming around a few years before this last product intro.


The Sideshow from 3-4 years back is a great ski for all terrain in all but the firmest of conditions (gotta deal on the Rolling Stones graphics model because I guess no else liked them, but I do!).


The very popular old Recons fit the typical oldish K2 perception of friendly, predictable, unexciting w/ low top end.  The Sideshow was a big step up.  They're definitely keepers and will likely continue to be my go-to ski on most days.  


But I am looking for something maybe a bit more agile and with more bite for those days when bite & agility are most important (like a hard snow day in Mary Jane bumps with the 20-something kids).  Maybe this year's stuff would be just the ticket, but I suspect last year's discontinued models would be pretty good too.

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I agree about there having been two broad types of  K2 skis in the past.


I'm looking forward to testing the new K2 frontside ski, the i-Konic 85ti, I believe.  Many youngsters swear by their K2 park skis.  And I've loved their fatter skis for some time.  


The Annex 118/now Pinnacle 118 is a fun ski I almost bought last year. What a charger, though also an "in between" ski, surprisingly versatile.  The Obsethed/now Pettitor 120 is one of my favorite skis, one I look forward to skiing repeatedly this season!  (I have it in two lengths, 179 and 189 (last year's model). I enjoy both.  No, I'm not a rep, just another retired skier with time on his hands.)


Guess I'll have to find out what else is going on with their "new line up" at some point.  

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The new captain at the helm of K2 shouldn't cog woot being credited for getting some better product on the market. You know him better as the guy who brought the Rossi Experience series and the 7's to the market.
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Cog woot?
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