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Major Racing Expansion at Mittersill, NH

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Have you seen this?

Franconia Ski Club/Mittersill is expanding the racing dramatically with public/private financing.

They have cleared what is the widest trail in NH, some 300-400 ft wide and widened Baron's Run. There is a t-bar planned to service the new wide trail called the Taft Super Slope.

2010 saw the installation of a new double chair.


Two significant areas will be cleared. The Baron's Run was widened to 165 feet top to bottom (to be closed to the public for racing 10-15% of the time) in 2014. The middle section of Mittersill is expected to be turned into a massive 300-400 foot wide slope (to be closed to the public for racing use up to 50% of the time or 50% of total width) in 2015. In addition, Skyline will be widened to accommodate snowmaking.


Baron's Run is FIS Super-G capable apparently.

Baron’s has been approved the International Ski Federation for Super Giant Slalom, Giant Slalom and Slalom, said Eric Harlow, an official with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association.
Listen to story from 2013:


With the massive Mittersill Taft Superslope clearing project complete, focus has shifted to installing snowmaking on the recently widened Baron's Run.

4 inch pipe is being welded and dragged up Baron's Run for installation. A possible feed line is being welded at the nearby Echo Lake parking lot, in conjunction with the construction of a new dam on the lake for snowmaking purposes.

The half mile long Taft Superslope is a combination of two lower mountain slopes, a T-Bar lift line trail, and new upper elevation cutting. While the Mittersill backcountry area was originally bound to the footprint of the defunct Mittersill ski area to protect Bicknell's Thrush habitat, the state recently exempted itself from the restrictions by placing 65 to 80 acres of nearby land in preserved status. As a result, net new cutting was allowed to widen Baron's Run and widen and extend the Taft Superslope to above the previously protected 2,500 elevation line.

At roughly 300-400 feet wide, the Taft Superslope is now the widest ski trail in New Hampshire.

According to the agreement with the state, the Franconia Ski Club will have use of the superslope Friday-Sunday, while the Holderness School and Franconia Ski Club have use on Monday-Thursday.










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I heard about it when I was at Cannon in March (the gondola operator was talking to me about it). It looks like it might be really great. thing. They want to shift most of their racing operations to Mittersmill. That's like dream come true for racers. I'm looking forward to see how it will work out.

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looks good!

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Great news, I'm always happy to see more training and race venues.

Lots of good ski racing genes and tradition in that part of the country.

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I was there in March and was very impressed. Cannon was an area to check in on every few years and only on good snow days. More recently they are building it up at a nice slow, but appropriate pace. Still rustic (bonus) but a more accessible "skiers" mountain with great new/rehabbed terrain.

I was there on a Wednesday and skied the tram all day never waiting for more than 1 tram! (Went there on a whim cause the line getting off the highway at Loon was a solid mile back-up.) Went to mittersill to try the new lift, last time I was there I had to hike in, but it was skied out. Got to be the early bird there, but I saw the fun in it.

All in all I have slapped Cannon back on my short list (Sugarloaf, Jay among a few others) of places to go for good terrain, laid back approach, and crowd they attract, especially nice of them to be so accommodating to the race crowd!
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