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WTB Starting Telemark bindings+skis (MA/New England)

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Hi All,


I am totally green to the forums and apologize if my request is vague/inappropriate. I'm an experienced skier (20 years) who is looking to finally branch out to tele. Years ago a hippie buddy of mine in Colorado explained it as "...water over rocks..." I did a tele-fest at Sunday River a few years back and got the gist of it by then end of the day (and my thighs).


I'm planning to go out and get fitted for some boots all proper-like, but would like to save on skis and bindings (also skins) where I can. If anyone has a used setup they're looking to get rid of, please message me. I'm located in the Lowell area of MA and am willing to drive between the white mountains and RI for a deal.


I did some searching around here, but noticed that there are rules against posting for sale items. If there is a more appropriate place for me to ask for some deals on gear, please lead the way.


Thanks, All!

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Try this place, you'll have better luck:


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Also try here: http://www.telemarkeast.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=10&sid=57267b0029fe4ee76cf36b3174d0a17a


You might want to state what general size and style of ski you'd looking for.


And you definitely want to state whether you're looking for NTN or 75mm bindings.  That's a decision you'll have to make with boots too.


Check out http://www.telemarkdown.com/ - the Fey brothers could probably help you with a good selection of tele boots reasonably nearby, I think they have a store in NH and definitely in northwest CT.

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Hey, ts01. I am already planning to make a trip to telemarkdown in New Boston, NH for a set of boots. I am looking for some education on the different bindings and the effect ski dimensions will have on performance. I have only just decided to pursue this, so I haven't done too much reading.


I appreciate the tips and fill follow through with them.


Thanks a ton!

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IMHO you should tele on the same sort of skis you like to alpine ski.  Maybe a little softer or shorter is easier to begin with but in a week or two you'd prefer the same board underfoot so go with what you know and love.  Even race skis if that's your thing though don't use a plate.


If you're going to telemarkdown they will help you with the 75mm v NTN but if you are interested try the forum Bob linked above to help sort out the pro's and cons of 75mm / NTN.  Also see http://www.newtelemarkguide.com/wiki/New_Telemark_Norm_%28NTN%29 and http://www.earnyourturns.com/25971/telemark-binding-selection-guide-2014/ .  I bet this podcast is worthwhile - http://absolutetelemark.com/episode-11-get-your-gear-for-beginner-telemark-skiers/ - I haven't listened but the guy knows his stuff and the absolutetelemark.com site is useful. 


Bottom line, 75mm = older style tried and true - nothing wrong with it and a lot of reasonably priced second-hand and closeout gear is on the market.  Many people don't care about this but there are only two releasable 75mm bindings, Voile CRB and 7tm, neither of which are currently on the U.S. market but can be found second hand via ebay, swaps, forums, craigslist etc.  


NTN = newer technology, easier and less fiddle-factor than 75mm and Rottafella NTN bindings are releasable. (Note there are other NTN compatible bindings that are not releasable - Burnt Mtn, 22Designs - but these are niche or brand-new products I wouldn't recommend at the outset).

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Awesome. I can't wait to get off work and browse all that info! I took a "coffee break" when I got the epicski email. Your tips make perfect sense. Looking forward to learning more from the community.

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Hey ts01,


Picked up my NTN Scarpas at Telemarkdown today. Tried out the Crispis, but they were a little narrow in the toebox and I felt a raised hard spot under by toe when I flexed into position that I could see becoming a gnarly blister. The Scarpas aren't as stiff as the Technicas I've been alpining on for the past six years, but I'm okay with that for now. 


Now that I've got the boots and some knowledge, I'm on the hunt for some gear.


Just wanted to thank you for the information you gave me!

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Good - and don't worry about tele boots not as stiff as alpine; that's a feature, not a bug.


Since you've ended up with NTN boots let me offer a ski set up for NTN -- 173 cm Atomic Drifters with inserts for mounting either NTN Freeride or Freedom, could sell with Freerides or flat.  Details here: http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php/285752-Tele-skis-%28NTN%29-amp-7tm-27-5-liners-alpine-boots-amp-bindings-misc-clothing?highlight=7tm - and there's a dropbox link with some photos.  Only reason for selling is quiver overlap - I bought these (from telemarkdown of all places) thinking I would trim down to a 1-ski-quiver but that is just not going to happen. 

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Hammer heads on TGR, great shape 100$
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What type and size ski are you looking for.  I've got a pair of Black Diamond Machines 182cm, 126-79-110, mounted with plate for NTN small.  These are great hard snow GS type skis.  Just don't ski them anymore. .  I also have Rossignol Sickbirds 171cm mounted with NTN small bindings. 124-94-118, 19M.  A good but stiff all around twin tip ski.  The NTN small bindings are for boots 26MP and lower.  I can send pics if you want.

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192 Armada TST- used under 12 times/ drilled 1x for NTN freeride/ 102mm waist/ 19m sidecut/ HUUUUUGE sweetspot.

Can email pics if interested- Cheers

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