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Arc'teryx Sabre vs Stingray

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I'm looking for a little info on these 2 jackets. Looking at their website, the only thing I can see that seperates these two is $75 and the Sabre is a looser fit. I feel like there has to be other differences to justify the $75, but I can't pick it out. Any Arc people out there that know?
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I have the Sabre and its a great jacket. I hit a branch in the woods last year rate in my chest i thought for sure it was ruined, only had a slight mark on it. wore it -10 to 45 degrees and just adjusted my layers to suit. highly recommend 

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I have the same opinion about the Stingray, which I own in two colors. I wear in in all types of weather, and a wide range of temperatures. I layer as needed under it. It wears like iron, and after a hundred plus ski days on each, they look almost like new. Worth every dime. I tried the Sabre as well. I really like the pockets on the Sabre, and I think that the collar would be great in lost weather. However, I liked the fit, and the collar/hood a bit better for everyday wear on the Stingray. It makes a great shell to travel with, too. 


I'm 5'10" and about 200 lbs. XL in the Stingray is a very good fit for me. It's a little bit shorter, as I recall, than a Sabre. Not a ton, but enough than I noticed. 


I'm a big Arcteryx fan. If you shop around, you can find reasonable deals, and on that basis, it's worth every dime. Great stuff. 

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Originally Posted by Muleski View Post

I tried the Sabre as well. I really like the pockets on the Sabre, and I think that the collar would be great in lost weather. However, I liked the fit, and the collar/hood a bit better for everyday wear on the Stingray.
What are the differences between the two jackets in those areas? Unfortunately as a flat-lander, I don't have a place to go look at them in person.
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Sabre and Stingray are different in a few ways, part of which justify the cost difference (for the record, I've tried both, and will give my impressions at the end here):


-The biggest difference is the cut and what it means with layering underneath (or lack thereof).  The Sabre is a bit more "relaxed", Stingray is more "athletic".  What that means in non-marketing speak is that the Sabre is slightly more roomy, while the Stingray is more "straight-cut".  If you size up, the Stingray will look boxy.  If you size proper or down, the Stingray will be rather trim through the shoulders and chest. The Sabre does not suffer from this problem.  Fit seems better, but if you size up then the Sabre may look a bit baggy.  If you size proper, then it's just "relaxed" and what I'd call normal, not very snug/trim. 


-This means the Sabre is a bit easier to layer underneath while still looking "relaxed".  The Stingray will either be layered and boxy, or not well layered, and will look much snugger around the torso. Up to you which look/layering setup you like better.  I'm personally not a fan of "snug" on the ski hill; I prefer having a bit of room to move around in the torso and arms.  If I wanted snug, I'd wear Lycra.


-Sabre has a "one piece" hood.  The collar in the front goes around and literally becomes the hood; one clean line.  The Stingray has the collar separated from the hood, more like a traditional "drop" hood.  I find the Stingray to be more susceptible to the wind and flopping around when down.  The storm hood on the Sabre stays in place and covers the back of your neck and head better, even when down.  For stormy days, definitely the Sabre.


-The Sabre is a newer model.  Newer = more $$ in the apparel industry.  Simple.


-Lastly, I *think* the Sabre has some fleecy-type backing on the inside, whereas the Stingray does not?  Cannot be sure though.  The material may also slightly differ.


Of the two, I definitely prefer the Sabre.  It just looks better, a bit more "modern", and allows for better layering without looking boxy.  

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There you have it……chocolate and vanilla….. The Stingray has the same soft fleece lining, BTW. Both jacket have been in their lineup for some time. For the reasons that Gunnerbob likes the Sabre hood and integrated collar, I really dislike it and prefer the Stingray. I've worn the hood over a helmet, but rarely do. I have layered BOTH a Patagonia Nano Puff vest, and a Patagonia hooded down sweater under a Stingray {at the same time}, with zero issues. Normally one or the other. 


Pockets….the Sabre pockets are a bit deeper and bigger, due to the cut of the jacket. 


In my experience, and that of my wife, and other family members, virtually every Arcteryx model fits differently. Some significantly so. I think it depends on your body shape and size. I'd order one of each, try them on, and see what works. I agree with Gunnerbob's description, but for me, the Stingray fits. I'm kind of that boxy shape myself, and on the fence size wise. Some guys my size would squeeze into a large. I'm in an XL, and as mentioned, I can layer under it with many options. Normally I wear a Smartwool medium weight baselayer, and very light fleece, and an insulating layer during a midwinter day. I wear it in the spring with much less. 


If you want to find what fits best, I truly think you need to try them on, even if that means ordering and returning…..All of it is great quality. 

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Sounds like I will just have to order them both and see what speaks to me. It's interesting that the retail on the Sabre is $75 more, but can be bought for much less than the stingray all over the Internet.
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Good point @Muleski about the fit, you're right.  I'm taller and a bit lanky (6'2", 180lbs) and the Sabre fits better, while the Stingray is boxy on me.  However, if you're a bit boxy build to begin with, then I can see the Stingray fitting better.  Yep, the good thing with Arcteryx is they make jackets to fit most builds, so the key is finding which one is right FOR YOU. 


Side note: I own the Rush jacket, it's an "expedition" fit.  Size Large.  I can layer underneath it without it looking "baggy freeride", so Muleski is spot on about different Arc jackets varying in fit.  I can downsize into a Medium in the Rush jacket if I wanted, but then it doesn't have the fit I like.  Different strokes, as they say.


@gmoney, if you have the ability to order both and send one back, then do it.  You should know right away whether you prefer the vanilla or chocolate fit.  Arc has top notch stuff, both are great jackets, just a question of which one works better on ya!

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For complicated reasons related to a gift card, I finally splurged and ordered a Stingray shell on sale to replace my leaky, torn, and threadbare old Marmot Precip jacket. I got a small. It's beautifully made and fits me extremely well with layers under it (5' 7" ~130lbs) ... EXCEPT ... I think I'm sending it back because the cuffs come down practically to my knees. :(  So if you are built like an orangutan, this is a good pick. Otherwise, maybe not.

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