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Whistler Mid-December 2015

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Hey guys,


I've read a lot of threads about the hit or miss in December for Whistler; It's supposed to be a big El Nino year this year; should I risk a trip in mid-December during a potentially very volatile El Nino year?  Given the typical snow conditions in December at Whistler, would there be adequate runs for an Intermediate skier?


Thanks for the help.




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Whistler is still hit and miss in mid Dec but won't be too crowded.


Sun Peaks is about 4-5 hours away and has had a better start to winter than Whistler the past few years. Sun Peaks also has tons of intermediate skiing and some snow making. There won't be any crowds, in fact if you are by yourself you will have trouble finding someone to share a chairlift ride with.

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It would be a very unusual year if the intermediate groomers at WB were a problem in mid-December.  It they're sketchy on the lower hill (usual for Dec.) then there will be lots of stuff open in the Alpine usually.  One never knows, though, about anywhere at that time of year.

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