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Junior ski boot bags

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this year our kids (7 and 6) are participating in a local all day ski school throughout the season. they are going to need to for the most part transport there own gear, winter gear + lunch + additional whatever gets thrown into a kids bag. We were looking for recommendations on junior ski boot bags, or is it better to just buy backpack big enough to hold boots, lunch, etc., duffle bag, or any other experiences people have had w/ type of bag and brands.


thanks for any suggestions and insights.

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My son used to use a transpack boot bag that has backpack straps at that age.  There isn't a ton of room for gear/lunch etc. but you can make it work.  Having the separate pockets for boots keeps the other stuff drier.  It is hard at that age to carry skis, poles and backpack but it builds character.  Teach them how to carry skis by the toe piece of one binding, they stay in better control that way.  Also, KNOW that they will lose stuff, especially gloves.


like this

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The Transpack backpack comes in more than one size.  There is a Jr model that many parents swear by.  Since my daughter only skied 5-7 days in the first few years, I held off and bought a full-size Transpack when she was about 8 and could handle the larger size as long as it wasn't overpacked.


For her first flight to ski out west, she used a rolling backpack that was big enough to fit her boots.  But not much else could fit in addition.

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