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vintage skis

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Just found 2 pair of what I believe are telemark wooden skis (they have the old fashioned tip and are solid wood) , one was painted white, and has little red fish as a logo at the tip  ... no other manufacturers marks however they have Dovre bindings. 72" long

and the other has this manufacturers label plus the numbers 190 above 5897 below, they are 77" long.   I have no intention of selling however I am interested in the history behind them.  I have searched F. Poiger Munchen 8 to no avail and little red fish don't appear on any of the vintage skis I have located.  I would appreciate a push in the right direction. Thanks 


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I'm guessing the 8 is a postal district. The 190 is probably the ski length in CM. "Logo" looks too much like Magic Marker? I'm guessing the F. might be Franz. His name comes up in a bunch of ski patent applications.
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Munchen = Munich as in Germany.  probably made there.

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