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AT boot width question

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I am not buying an AT boots yet, but want to know something for my info.

I have A/B foot and was always suggested a LV boots (95-98 mm) for my all-mountain requirements (AKA everyday skiing)


Now I see a lot of AT gear pushing and also become popular... 

To cut this short, I see most AT boots with width 101-106 and etc


And my question is, how are the skiers with LV foot chose the AT boots?

Or the requirements for back-country are different and no snag boot needed?


thank you for your answer, 




P.S. I was looking at Scarpa Freedom, which is 101 as an example.

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I think, I found the answer: Salomon Quest BC is AT with 98 mm width.. 

But real question, are few mills over "OK" for AT boots or the same rules applies as for DIN boots, 

the snugger is better?

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If you are an A/B foot a 98mm boot is too wide for you, whether alpine or alpine touring.  So in your case yes going wider than 98mm in the touring boot will be very loose.  That said there is a limited selection of 98 boots in alpine touring.



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thank you for an answer. I had guessed right, the alpine and A/T boots follow the same requirements in terms of width.

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Do they (manufactures) make AT boots with width 100+ because wider boots are warmer (so they [manufacturer] could put thicker liner? Is that why all AT boots (not all, but most) are 100+?

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All ski boots are generic, in that they are sized to fit the "average" feet. If your feet are outside the average shape you will need customization on that generic boot. This is why boot fitting has grown into a still tiny segment of the industry
what you need is a good "boot fitter" to modify the right shape boot into a really great fitting custom fit. A/B width boots ( as Lou intimated ) don't exist, you are going to need some hands on help from someone with experience in this sort of thing.

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