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Replacing Dynastar Speed Course Ti

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Me ..

6-2 @ 185 (dripping wet) - 57yrs - ski mostly eastern Canada/Que and teach local small hill in Ontario. Been a Skier for 25+ years, advance ability, ski most everything - but not a power skier. I like all turn shapes and constantly mix it up, short turns with long and back to short - just playing. 


While I may have been skiing for a long time - characterizing the ski and it's traits (or any ski for that matter) I find difficult. So in my limited ability - with the Dynastar - I find it has nice energy and rewards me when I drive it right, holds an edge and has a wide enough sweet spot that I don't get into issues when I don't pay attention. (other may not agree with my assessment, and if you have experience on this ski please convey so I can learn more about assessing a ski's feel)


Currently on a 172 (maybe a bit short for me?) - looking for suggestions for a replacement. Anything from the Head or Blizzard line that I should try to demo (as I can Pro-Deal these) ? Or something else?


Anything that could also be used backside if a little western trip was thrown in?


Thanks for reading

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Well, what you want really doesn't exist, but you knew that already. I think you're better off getting a ski that works well for the conditions you normally encounter and if you make a trip west just rent some fat boards. For where you ski Head has several that should work just fin; iSupershape Titan or Rally, Rev 80 Pro or even the 85 Pro if you want a bit more width. Try as many of those as you can and you probably should be looking at something about 176-180cm, 172 is a bit short for you and all the Head skis I listed have some amount of rocker so they'll ski a bit shorter. Try the Rev skis in their longest length, 184 and see how they feel. If they feel unwieldly, try the 177 length.
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I was really pleasantly surprised by the Head iSpeed. Its very accessible, more zip and fun than the Course, but limited to a frontside ski.

Dont get fooled by the length discussion when it comes to our little hills here in Ontario. Im 200lbs and the iSpeed is 175cm - seems like plenty of ski these days (no future ragged edge apeed for me thanks. Just quick. One read of the " Whats your injury" thread sure reinforced that just now. I coach at a hill that's 300 ft and went down to a 160cm Head iSL for fun, more turns and to ski gates with the U16/18s.

The iSpeed is a fun ski!
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If you have the chance, try the Blizzard WRC/2016 Nordica Dobermann GSR cheater and the Rossi Hero Master. 

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The Head skis mentioned are excellent, but a bit stiffer than the Dynastars you have.  If you want a slightly firmer ride than your Dynastars, go for the Heads.  If you want a bit more nimble, playful feel, try the Stockli Laser SL (not the FIS version, which is quite stiff).  The Laser SL is the only Stockli with a foam core.  It also has metal.  Don't let the foam core scare you; it holds up great and provides a beautiful, quick, supple experience--closest to the Dynastar of any ski out there that I know.  Good luck!

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