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I just finished up a ski trip to Portillo, Chile. The snow in Portillo tends to be cold and dry, softening during the day. Except just after a big dump, the snow rarely skis deep. With a big snowfall just before arrival, skiing in a camp, and a heli day planned, I opted to take an all-mountain carver and a powder ski with me, leaving my true all-mountain ski at home.


After my first day on the all-mountain carver, I was worried. Despite the ski being light and nimble (Head Total Joy), I found it lacking off-piste and even on-piste in the colder snow. Given this situation, I found myself turing to the G3 Empress even in hard snow conditions. 

Ironically, I had purchased the G3 for powder-only use because my Bizzard Samba hurt my knee in 2-dimmensional snow. Even after skiing groomed terrain on the G3 Empress, I had no knee strain. I found the ski incredibly versatile, performing, fun... so surprising at it's width and rocker! I was able to carve, skid... anything necessary. I felt confident and had a blast in any snow.

I certainly don't intend to turn the G3 Empress into my daily driver, but I won't hesitate to grab it in any condition or terrain. Well done G3!


I have attached a few pics skiing the G3 Empress in both groomed and off-piste conditions. I'm in the purple jacket in the first pic and blue jacket in the third.