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brushed carved turns  

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Alright, I'll get this started.  What is a brushed carved turn and how do you make a brushed carved turn?  YM

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Full details, training videos, and coaching info plus commentary and MA from a former psia national demo team member is available on that other ski forum. Since its closely tied to a prohibited topic on Epic, it's probably best to just use that other source. Anyway, the level 3s I often ski with don't have the ability to brush carve, so I suspect most of any discussion here would serve merely to confuse or mislead.
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Originally Posted by yogaman 

Alright, I'll get this started.  What is a brushed carved turn and how do you make a brushed carved turn?  YM


brushed carve, smeared carve, scarve....pretty much all different ways of saying the same thing,


but there are numerous different ways to accomplish it and there is a spectrum of results...



In my view anything resembling a brushed carve, scarve, smeared carve...or whatever language you want to more on the right half of this diagrammed spectrum of results.  In other words, closer to arcing then it is to pivoting.  Less twisty and more carvy


In my view an effective scarve, smeared carve, brushed when there is lots of carving deflection happening, and yet the edges are not edge locked, they are skidding a bit....smearing....brushing.  What do I mean by lots of deflection?  I mean the ski is being deflected into a new direction of travel at least as much as it is being steered to point a new direction.  The result will be a round path on the snow as the ski and the skier also are moved more substantially from side to side across the hill due to the strong carving deflections...the path of momentum is turned out of the fall line....not just the direction the skis are pointing, but the path of momentum as well is changed to move back and forth across the hill.  The more strongly this happens, the more carving action you have happening.


When the above happens while also achieving a slight skidding component, then you are brushed/smeared carving, scarving...whatever language you want to call it.


This helps to control speed and tighten the turn shape even more.


The best brushed carves are done using the same movement patterns used for arc to arc skiing....carving movement patterns, but simply with less edge angle so that the edges don't edge lock but instead skid a little bit, or brush, smear, etc.


Opinions differ about how to achieve that, but my opinion is that twisting the skis will destroy carving action, so usually if manual rotary is used, I would not classify it anywhere on the right half of my diagram above..and I would not call it brushed carving or any kind of carving whatsoever, even though technically the skis will have a carving action happening in most cases.  When it starts to get more on the left side of my diagram, then its more like skidding and pivoting then it is like carving..and thus would not qualify according to me.


When focus is more on tipping the skis and finessing the edge angle to achieve carving, feathering and steering effects, then we're more in the carving realm and since its not arc2arc, it could be called brushed carving or some of the other names I have used.  Brushing the pretty much feathering the edges, smearing the edges.....avoiding edge lock.  Carving means to get the strong deflection properties.  Combine the two and wala.


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I am going to close this based on the history of this topic. To is subjected to Moderator Review and to if it needs to be reopened since the question has been answered. 

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moderator note:


The term "brushed carve" has been used here on Epic where the use of the term has not been central to the discussion and the apparently intended semantics (from the context of the posts) have been slightly different from the semantics defined by the organization that introduced the term (see Sharp's post). The original definition of the term defined both a result and a singular method for accomplishing the result. In the past, discussions concerning this organization have been started solely with the intention of argument as opposed to understanding. It is for this reason that discussions concerning this organization have been banned on EpicSki.


Here is an analogy. All tissues are not Kleenex (a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide). When someone uses the word Kleenex where the context indicates tissue was meant, EpicSki will not police the misuse of the word. When someone specifically wants to discuss Kleenex issues, EpicSki supports the limited redirection of conversations to the Kimberly-Clark forums dedicated to Kleenex or other Kimberly-Clark products. EpicSki won't allow the attempt to mention Kimberly-Clark products in many instruction threads where the net result of such mentions is more promotion than discussion. This is the reason we do not moderate (i.e. delete) every mention of Kimberly-Clark products, but do try to moderate most mentions and we may moderate even mentions of Tissues (i.e. when the net result is promotion). It is not a perfect policy and it is not perfectly implemented, but it is our attempt to manage the situation. If most of the time that a Kimberly-Clark trademark is mentioned in our online equivalent of an Apres-Ski bar, the online equivalent of a bar fight breaks out, then we are either going to ask the mentioners to stop discussing the topic or ask them to leave the bar ... most of the time. We don't want our Apres-Ski bar to have a reputation for constant bar fights, but we also do not want the heavy policing that preventing 100% of the fights would require.


Discussions about carved turns and skidded turns are ok on EpicSki. Discussions about causing skids by manipulating the orientation of a ski and/or a ski edge angle are also ok. Just don't invent a new term for something with the intent of promoting a product. If that is done and becomes disruptive it will get moderated.

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