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Summer Wasatch question

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My wife and I are headed to Park City next week for a few days of R&R. Though I've been to SLC and PC fairly often in the past, it's always been in the winter for skiing.We're flying into the SLC airport and I think I'd like to travel up and over the Wasatch crest at BCC to get to PC rather than use I-80 around the mountain.


My question is about summer travel on Big Cottonwood Canyon road through Brighton and then into PC. Is the eastern end of the road (shown on the map as Guardsman Pass Rd) fully open in the summer, and more importantly, is is paved and maintained? The map shows an intersection with SR224 near Empire Peak that then winds down through DV to PC propoer - is this section open/paved as well?


Sorry for what may be silly questions but I really don't want to get to Brighton - a very scenic drive in the winter and I'm sure a great drive on a bright summer day - only to have to turn around because the Wasatch Back part of the road is only passable if you have a 4WD vehicle.

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The road is fine. Once you get over the peak at Guardsman Pass, the road is paved, but a bit rough. But no biggie. Very nice scenery for the whole drive. Also, if you have the time, at the top, you'll see a bunch of cars parked. On one side of the trail is the start of the Crest Trail. A very popular and very cool mountain bke/hike trail. On the other side there is a trail that leads to a couple of alpine lakes. Also nice. If you mountain bike, I highly recommend going to one of the bike shops such as jans or White Pine touring and getting a PC trail map. An awesome network of trails in the area. Also worth getting a map for hiking. Another area that is close by is Mirror Lake highway. Great drive and beautiful hiking in the area.  

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