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Just heard this one this morning on the drive in to work from the TOGmeister…
A man went to the golf course to play a round of golf. He came to the first tee. Hit a perfect drive, right down the middle of the fairway. His second shot went about 50 yards into the bushes. He played a perfect recovery within 6 feet of the pin. He putted. 30 feet past. He then sank the next putt. At the second hole, the same thing happened: a perfect drive, followed by a bad shot into the bushes, an excellent recovery, and two putts. All 18 holes followed the same pattern.
As he was in the car park (parking lot) putting his clubs into his car, a man who had been playing behind him came over to him and said “I’ve just followed you round the course. Every other shot you played was perfect, but the ones in-between were terrible. What’s going on?”
To which he replied, “I’m practising for the mixed foursomes”

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I heard the same joke but the bloke was just kicking the ball along the ground for the intermediate shots! Still quite funny but very sexist I feel and certainly not suitable for this sort of forum.
Sorry ladies.
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