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3 year old boots

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Dumb question(hopefully not). Oct 2012 I was fitted for Lange RX100 boots with custom insoles. Yet, as usual with my life, I was out of work again after that and have been on and off since. These boots were never used and are still in the box in the house. I have been out of work again since last March and praying for a job so I can ski again this season after 11 years. My question is, will these still be skiable? They are not stored in any adverse conditions. And since I haven't been able to ski them, I hopeI can have any andjustments needed. Can this still be done if I were to ski these for the first time? Obviously paying any costs to do so, whether it be back at Windham Mountan where I bought them, of any other shops where I might be skiing at?
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You were fitted for the boots in 2012 or 2002?


Either way ski the boots and see how they work.  If 2012 I wouldn't worry at all, and yes a shop will be able to do any necessary work after you ski them.


If 2002, plastics can get wonky and the liner stitching could have problems.  Pull them out of the box and see how they look.



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Thanks, It was 2012 I bought these.
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Hi Alohaed,


Just a foot note: pun intended.;)


Read through the above article and perform  a "shell check" on the boots you purchased to see if they fit correctly.



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