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New boots and skis for son

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So I need to do new boots and maybe new skis for my son this season. Right now he skis a full tilt booter and 4frnt click combo. The skis are sized close and he loved them, but tore the base up on boxes and skiing in crud. I am gonna take em in to get repaired but was thinking of just switching his ski.

He also loves the booter but his toe is hitting the front now on jumps. He loves Wallisch and wanted those boots but I told him they were a little more narrow and stiffer then the booter.

We mostly ski east coast and he spends about 30% of his time in the park. Our snow is usually "crushed granular"... Aka ice lol. He has progressed pretty nice and skis the whole mountain pretty aggressive at time but mostly loves to play popping off bumps and side hits.

Should I just do the booter again?

Was thinking of grabbing him a pair of jski whipits, line chronics, or salomon NFX skis. Although I may just repair his 4frnts and let him beat those one more season. He is 15 and progressing towards more park time.
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Cannot say about the boot without seeing the foot and measuring it. As far as the skis...does he want a symmetric twin or a directional one? I would suggest for a progression standpoint, go directional, it will help create better kiss for down the road and maybe split the difference between center mount and traditional. The jSki are all new and not much history to prove good or bad but I will give Jason the benefit of the doubt that they will be pretty good. Cronics are always a good choice as a park ski and seeing your user name...the bud might not fall far from the plant. I am not that familiar with the NFX.

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How old are the boots?
During the time he has had the boots has he needed bigger shoes?
Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and check the "Who's Who" for a boot fitter either near where you live or where you ski. If there's one listed call and make an appointment. If there isn't one listed tell us where you live and where you ski and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.
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If he is just getting toe bang on jumps, that's more of a form thing than a boot sizing issue. I mean if his toes are crushed in there, new boots. If he's just smashing his toes to the front of the boot on landing... thats form. I've had to overcome toe bang a couple of times. Then overcome shin bang. And back and forth...
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