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I've been pondering getting these and was wondering if there is any feedback from the folks here on them.  They look like they'll be a good fit but I've read in the reveiws that the gaiter is tight on ski boots.  Curious as I haven't had a lot of gear from BD.  








Thought I would edit this some to hopefully get more hits.  I've only bought  couple things from BD and while I've been happy with the quality, I haven't ever worn their clothes.  What I definitely want is 3L shell pants.  Bibs or not I don't really care.  I do prefer them to not be crazy long as my inseam is barely 30".  It doesn't help that I have a waist line that is a size larger than my inseam.  Venting and pockets are needed as well.  Not interested in insulation.


Yes I know there are many threads here covering the subject, and I've read them.  What I'm not seeing is anything on BD. Even if you aren't familiar with these particular bibs, what do you think of BD pants with regards to the fit and durability.




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