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East coast all-mountain/front-side recommendations?

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After 11 years out West I have to return to New England for family reasons.  The trails and conditions will be very different from where I have been skiing in the Pacific Northwest and southern Rockies. Ski shapes have changed so much. And I haven't been keeping up with East coast skis at all.  I am pretty clueless about what kind of skis work out East these days. But I am pretty sure I need to change up. 


Currently on a Salomon X-wing Fury in 178 as a daily driver (85 mm under foot). Really enjoyed that ski out West but I think I need something with a smaller turning radius, better on ice, and better in bumps for the narrower trails and firmer conditions in the east.  (I am not sold on the industry's move to shifting everyone to wider skis - but that's a topic for another thread.)



5'9'', 170 lbs, expert/advanced all-mountain skier, likes a ski that can carve, enjoys moguls.


Recommendations?  I am thinking 78-88mm underfoot range.  Rossi experience 88? Dynastar powertrack? Salomon X-drive? Blizzard Latigo?



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Fischer Motive 86 TI.
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I am also not sold on wider is better for eastern skiing. The closer you get to a race ski, the better the ice hold and the cost is the less versatile on anything but a groomer, including moguls, trees, etc. You might look at the Kastle line - I have the FX96 as my new snow/eastern slop ski and it holds remarkably well on ice. The RX is a pure groomer ski, LX and MX pretty versatiIe and come in different widths to further hone in on the specifics for your use. They also tend to be expensive. I alternate between GS and SL skis as a daily driver. I have gotten to the point where I no longer enjoy moguls unless I am at MRG or in fresher snow. Where in NE do you expect to be skiing? That can help refine the choices a bit.

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Can the Rossi E88 do the trick?  Sure.  Will it be the best choice?  Likely not.  It depends how far you want to push the notion of "all mountain" in the East.  Groomers are typically hard and fast, with REAL ice (not western ice, which is what Easterners call "packed powder"), glades will be bumped, and bumps will be icy.  If you work for it, you can find soft stashes in the trees and such, but compromises will need to be made. 


X-Drive?  Too stiff for your weight.  Latigo?  Split personality there.....wants to release its inner freerider but is also trying to say "But I'm skinny!"; doesn't really excel at anything.  Powertrack......the 84 could work but my opinion is isn't not stable enough for someone advanced who can push a ski; it's not a hard carver.


My weapon of choice is a 67mm Slalom icepick.  My previous one was a GS cheater.  And vsirin is saying GS or SL.  Notice a trend?  


You may get the odd powder conditions, but eastern all-mountain is typically icy groomers and icy moguls.  Get skinnier, turny skis for the East, and you'll generally have a blast.


In the East, far better to err on the side of narrower. In the West, err on wider.  Go narrow here.  Tip and rip it on the ice ice, baby!

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Blizzard X-Power 8, carves great yet still playful enough for some bumps and frontside all-mountain. Try the 174cm

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I grew up skiing all over New England.  I particularly liked Cannon and spring bump-skiing at Killington and Sunday River. This time around I will be skiing mostly Mt. Washington Valley (Attitash, Wildcat, Black, Cranmore) with occasional trips to Sunday River and maybe Jay Peak.


Will keep my Rossi S-3's for the occasional powder days. Looking for something that can carve short and medium radius turns on icy hard-pack and still ski bumps. I like the idea of an "all-mountain ski" but realistically east coasters, with a few exceptions, are going to be spending 99% of our time on-piste. Groomers. I don't think I want a pure race ski, though.


What about:

Rossi Experience 84 or Experience 80? 

Dynastar Powertrack 84 or 79?

Salomon X-drive 8.3 or 8.0?

Head Rev 85 or 80?

Blizzard Brahma? Will check out some of the skinnier Blizzards too.


* I notice that if you get skinnier than 80 in the all-mountain category, the skis are usually marketed as being for intermediate skiers...

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Originally Posted by Medium Al View Post

* I notice that if you get skinnier than 80 in the all-mountain category, the skis are usually marketed as being for intermediate skiers...

If you look more for carvers, you'll find plenty of great skis in the 68-78 range. That may or may not be considered  all mountain, but work the same. 


Go look at Blizzard S8's, or Progressors, or Head Rally's. Whatever they're named, they do just fine on hardback, and are pretty nice in bumps. 

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Am I even looking in the right ski category?  When I was out West I knew what I liked. But I'm not so sure back on the East coast. What I see in the magazines and on-line is:


"All-mountain Front-side" with widths of 85-98




"Front-side" with widths of 71-84.




I think I'm looking for something right in between these categories.

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Thanks Beyond. You posted as I was drafting that last one.  Yeah, I think that is the realization I am starting to make.

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"Right in between those categories"?  Since 1mm separates those categories.........you're looking for a ski that's exactly 84.5mm width?  Lemme know if you find one, I think it might start a whole new trend in half sizes ;)

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Try the Head Rally,Titan and Magnum.Have the Rally and love it at Killington.  Great east Coast skis. A friend skis the Kastle MX 83 and loves them.


You have the soft snow skis. Get something that rips on the fast and firm.




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I learned the hard way to move to a smaller radius ski for the East. If you are high performance carver oriented with a little less versatility on the moguls the Head line and Fisher Progressor 900 might be your ski!

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After pouring through the magazines, reading on-line reviews, and stopping by the ski shops, I ended up finding a good deal on a pair of  Rossignol Experience 84's.  (Interestingly, a lot of shops don't carry the Exp 84 in their Rossignol lineup because it falls in between the all-mountain Experience 88 and the front-side Pursuit 800)


I did look at the The Brahmas but they were a bit more expensive and don't do short radius turns as well.  Head Rally's were significantly more expensive and are pretty specialized. The other one that I probably considered the most was the Dynastar Powertrack 84. I also looked at the Atomic Nomad Blackeye TI. 


Ski conditions have been crappy out here in New England so far this season but I finally got on the snow and got to try them last weekend.  Conditions were very firm with a little bit of loose natural and man-made snow on top.  Interesting ski. Feels very different from the Salomon X-wing Fury that has been my daily driver for the last couple of years.  It feels very stiff with a good amount of sidecut. Held an edge well, did short and medium radius turns no problem, could even bank nicely in to some high edge angle turns when the terrain opened up. (I love that feeling). Haven't been able to try them in bumps yet.


I was concerned that they would be too soft after seeing a ski review on Youtube that said it would be a good intermediate ski and that advanced skiers might overpower it. I did not find that at all!  It is very much a high performance, expert ski. ( I am 5'9 and 170 lbs skiing it in a 178).  If anything, I was surprise by how stiff they felt.


Only been on them half a day.  Looking forward to getting to know them better.




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