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Advice between Head iC180 and Head iSlalom skis

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Hello all, hope you are having a great summer.


I currently have some Head iC180 skis (bought a ways back) but been great to me. A family member passed me their Head iSlalom skis (almost never used, I think they date from 2008-2009 ish, but not sure). I'm one to only keep one pair of skis but I was curious as to your take on which would perform better.


The iC180s seem to be from 2003 or so, and the iSlalom much more recent than that.


I would consider myself an advanced skier, preferring intermediate and advanced terrain, but not expert, staying mostly to groomed trails. Would I see an improvement switching to the iSlalom skis or am I better sticking to my iC180s?


I appreciate your advice and opinion. Thank you.


p.s. I know it would be best to actually try them on the slopes, and I may wait until winter before getting rid of a pair but having tried to find reviews on both (and coming up with next to nothing) I was curious on your takes on this subject and advice. Thanks.


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The IC180 is a cruiser, designed to make medium and larger turns in open spaces, without being too demanding on you.


The I SL is a high performance short turn ski.  It will be more demanding and if you want to appreciate it you will have to limit yourself to short turns at slalom speeds.  You can make higher speed turns with larger radii, but that won't feel as good as making the SL turns at SL speeds.


I think your skiing would improve faster (if you care about that) with the i SL, making more turns down the hill, but it will take discipline not to speed and push the ski out of its design range (it won't feel unstable; it just won't be performing at its best).  It may also tend to beat you up a bit until you get used to the added grip and quicker turns.

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Thank you for the detailed reply. Very appreciated.


Personally, I would like a ski that has more grip and hold on the trails, and is easier/quicker to turn. I am 5'10 and the iC180s I have are 163cm and the i SL is 155cm. So just the length as well as the different type of ski should help me get closer to the style of skiing i'd like to enjoy.


I'm all anxious to give it a shot, wish I didn't have to wait 3 months.


Out of curiosity, the iC180 seem to have been released around 2003. Do you have any idea when the i SL model I have in the picture came out? I've seen them pictured on google but nothing to suggest a release date. They are in almost mint condition, so definitely nothing to complain about. 

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Based on your height, your iC180s sound like they are too short for you, which is a big factor in lack of grip.   If we knew your weight, we'd know for sure. 

Your i.SLs are from the 2004/'05 season. 


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Hey Ghost, where in Ontario are you? I'm in Gatineau myself.


Weight about 150lbs

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Originally Posted by sseguin View Post

 I'm in Gatineau myself.



Nice XC up there. 

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Snowshoeing and hiking is excellent. Lots of great places. There's a great set of snowshoeing trails up the back of Mont Cascades with a view from the top that is very expansive. (you see Camp Fortune off in the distance).

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At 150 lbs 163 is too short for that type of ski for you in a cruiser ski like the IC180.  The IC180 had two skis above it performance wise in the same front side carver category: the IC200, and IC300, not to mention the GS race ski.


165 would be a good SL length, but don't worry, 155 works on hardpack and groomed snow well enough.  It will be a little more demanding of attention in deeper snow, especially wet tracked out snow following a fresh fall.  On cordory it will be ok, just won't smooth at the bumps well like a longer ski.  On ice the shorter length will mean more pressure and better grip on ice.  Not only is the SL a step to a shorter radius, it is a couple of steps up in terms of performance.   They had i. SL back in 2003 too, but like many things they keep changing them year to year.  Consistent throughout is the desire to build a ski to make good hard short locked in turns at SL racing speeds. 


If I'm not mistaken the 2005 i. SL had a very short sidecut radius (like 11 m). 


I'm in northern and sometimes southern Ontario now, but have skied around Ottawa.  Mt. St. Marie, Callabogie, and Campfortune, not to mention that lift-serviced cross country skiing ;) they call Pakenham.

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From realskiers archive:


2005 Head Worldcup I.SL: " ...best in gates. Superb slalom ski, demands skill, polish, timing and strength. many masters will probably do better with the Chip version."  11.1 meter in 160cm


(They are 2004's) Head Cyber i.C 180:  "Powerful, quick, precise, smooth and lighter than 200. Great for improving advanced to expert hard snow skiers. Best for big to medium cruising turns, moderate to high speed; the definitive "cruiser-carver.""   They were available in 156, 163, 170, & 177. 


There was also an i.C 200 and 300 for progressively more advanced skiers in 2004.

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