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Five Ways to Pack for a Ski Trip (singles and families)

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Military Style Packing (for anyone)

A US military duffle Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2


bag is tough enough to last a lifetime.  Military duffle bags are water resistant, hold a lot of clothing and gear, and are dirt cheap to purchase as surplus. At around $14 on eBay a used U.S. military duffle is an amazing value. A military duffle bag never says, “Hey, I’m rich so please steal this designer bag.”  Here is how to pack one with enough clothing for a week, including ski boots and a helmet:

  1. Pack all clothing military style, which is rolling everything up tightly (see video below).
  2. Place your ski boots and/or snow boots on the bottom of the duffel, and layer rolled clothing inside, around and on top of the boots. Protect your goggles by placing them inside your helmet. Protect your helmet by placing it in the middle of the duffle surrounded by clothing. Throw in a couple of big garbage bags for the dirty clothing. Layer anything you may quickly need (coats, gloves, toiletries, etc.) on top before closing.


How to roll up clothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em4lbLf09M0


Poor Man’s Ski Bag Packing (for singles)

  1. Place your skis in a sturdy ski bag.
  2. Wrap all your clothing around the skis and bindings.
  3. Cover the clothing with large garbage bags.
  4. Zip up the ski bag.
  5. Place boots, helmet, goggles, hat and gloves in a boot bag.
  6. Carry boot bag on plane and check the skis.
  7. Since you won’t be taking a lot of clothing, do a daily wash in the hotel sink or bathtub.


Easiest Way to Pack When Driving to a Destination (for families)


Huge 42 gallon totes, the kind sold at the Container Store, hold a lot of gear, often times enough for an entire family. The advantage? You can pack almost everything in one place.

  1. Throw everything into a 42 gallon+ heavy duty rolling tote.
  2. Place this huge tote in back of your truck, van or SUV.
  3. Place all the ski boots, helmets, etc. into individual boot bags (each of my kids has a TransPack) and throw them into your vehicle.
  4. That is about it.

Note: Unpack once you arrive at your house/condo/hotel. Then use the tolling tote for hauling all boots, helmets, etc. for your family each time you ski. At the end of the day (assuming the kids don’t have their own boot bags), throw it all back in and start over again. This works great with lots of little kids since nothing thrown into the rolling tub gets lost.



Rolling Duffle Bag Packing (for anyone)

  1. Each member of the family gets their own duffle bag. The older kids can pack their own.
  2. Each member of the family packs their own boots, helmets, googles, etc. in their own boot bag.
  3. Use Space Bags or roll up clothing (military-style) to cram clothing into the duffle bags.
  4. Check the duffle bags and carry the rest on the plane, or pack them neatly into your vehicle.
  5. Use a “roll-a-board” for electronics and cameras.


The Rich Person’s Way to Pack

  1. Purchase the most overpriced luggage available.
  2. Have the butler pack the luggage after folding each piece of clothing perfectly using a laundry folder (yeah, I’m anal with the golf shirts and bought a laundry folder for $10).
  3. Have the trophy wife carry the sable coat (the coat you never bought for the first wife) aboard the private jet.
  4. Hope anyone touching the luggage isn’t having a bad day, isn’t a thief (Louis Vuitton is what I would steal), or isn’t die hard Bernie Sanders supporter upset with income inequality.



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A lot of good tips!

We use 2 rolling hockey gear bags for our family of 4 when we travel skiing, both driving and flying. They work great and carry everything we need.
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