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Sick of my old skis

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I hate to go from lurker to bluntly asking for opinions, but here it goes.

Several years ago I bought 144 '06 Line Invaders. I've definitely out grown them, and probably should have gone for a larger ski in the first place (I am 130lb and 5'4") But they were so cheap and I was then fearful to go too long... and I was tired of paying for rentals. As I have become more confident the little invaders really show their weakness when at speed outside the park. 

I play around in the parks a bit but also goof off all over the mountain too (mid Atlantic). I've been eyeing up the 2014 Line TC 161. I was curious if that is way too big for me or if anyone with experience with them could voice their views. Is that their actual length or the contact area?

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Welcome to EpicSki.


I don't know anything about the Line skis you mentioned, but as far as ski length goes if you have the ability to ski all over the mountain then a ski that is roughly as long as you are tall, should be about right

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Welcome to Epicski, MrStorm.  We live for gear questions - how may we mislead you?  Give us some more info - what do you like to ski on (moguls, groomers, etc), how do you ski (cruiser, park rat, or "I lay waste to the Mountain!"), and where do you do the most skiing?  You've given us a little to work with, maybe a touch more would help.  Are you set on Line skis, or are you open to other brands?


Edit - Dano, I thought skis up to your eyebrow was the current gauge, but I also think that varies according to ability.

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Originally Posted by SpikeDog View Post

Edit - Dano, I thought skis up to your eyebrow was the current gauge, but I also think that varies according to ability.

Running length is more important than measured length.  I'm only about 172cm tall and my deep snow skis this season will be 184cm ON3P Billy Goats, which have a significant amount of tip and tail rocker and an effective edge of about 140cm.   The skis the OP mentions have early rise tip and tail which will make them ski shorter than a 161cm ski without early rise.  The OP shouldn't have any problems with the length.

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Hey all! Thank you for the friendly welcome! I honestly don't think I could say the same about any other forum I've been on. 

When I go skiing I'd say primarily groomers, with the park just behind that, while basically avoiding moguls. As far as skis go I'm completely open to suggestions, I'm just pretty familiar with Line skis. 

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Sticking with Line, and going back to 2014-15 so you can save some $$, the Line Chronic at 164 cm might be a good choice.  You can get them for ~$300 not counting bindings.  The TC (Traveling Circus) sounds pretty good, but sounds more park-centric, less of an all mountain ripper than the Chronic.  You still get the twin tip with the Chronic.

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