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Squad 7 or Annex 118?

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Hi, I am looking to buy a set of wicked wide powder skis. I am from NH, but It seems like I will be fortunate enough to spend 2-3 weeks out west this year, including some time catskiing in bc (don't bring up el nino it's gonna be great). Granted the cost of demoing now, it seems to make sense just to buy some huge skis.  With any luck I will get to use them around here 1 or 2 times as well... Both the K2 annex 118 and the Squad 7 can be had new on ebay for like 3-400$.  I am an aggressive and hard charging skier, and will be looking for length around 180.  Right now I have soul 7's which I like in the powder, (and in general) but they are often too soft when the snow isn't real fresh or is really heavy.  I hear the squad 7 skis very differently than the soul 7.  I also used to ski the annex 98, which I liked too, but its hard to compare the 2.  The soul 7 gets an advantage on the width, and that makes it hard.  I almost want to say the annex felt more powerful. Anyone skied them both and have a recommendation?  Also any other ski suggestions?


BTW I am doing this because it is cheap, I already have bindings to use.  I am unlikely to pay like a grand for some DPS's...

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Do some google search, many dps closeouts in the $400 range.... If that's what you want. Otherwise the squad is more burly & will likely hold better when home in NH!
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