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Aging up for snowboard lessons [at Keystone]

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We skied and snowboarded last year in Breck. My youngest son picked up snowboarding really quickly with our 1/2 day private lesson and was going down greens by the end of the day. He honestly did MUCH better than me, who spend most of the day falling.

This January's trip all he wants to do is snowboard. I was planning on group lessons for everyone (kids age 6, 8, 9 and 2 adults) since my 9 year old and husband were FAR ahead of me on the snowboard. I saw today that Keystone doesn't start group lessons for snowboard until 7 years old. Younger than that and it looks like we'd all have to take a private lesson so he could snowboard.

He'll be 6.5 at the time of our trip and has snowboarded in the past. We're all still beginners having only skied and snowboarder on blues for a day each last year. How strict will Keystone be with the age requirement?

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I'd guess the age limit is for beginning boarders. Since your youngest already has some experience, They'll probably let him into a kids group. Or just start coaching him to say he's 7 :~)
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What Kneale said.

My son is a bit slow, he was three for couple of years at Bromley. :D

Ski school was much cheaper than day care. 

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The reason there is a 7 yo age limit for snowboard lessons is that kids grow from the middle out. The typical 6yo has a lot less ankle coordination to control a snowboard than a 7yo does. But I've taught 3yo's to "ride" in a private lesson. Granted they were mostly going straight downhill and not for very long distances, but as far the kids and the parents were concerned success was achieved. Success with kids who have not yet grown ankle coordination requires private attention or special gear. Burton does have a program for teaching younger children to ride that has special gear and special teaching methods.


My recommendation is to get a private for the 6yo only and put everyone else in groups. If your 6yo turns 7 (cough) before the lesson, at least get some skateboard, wakeboard or surfing experience in this summer to increase the odds for success.

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Thanks everyone. After much searching I was able to make contact with the Director of Snowsports at Keystone and he said that since my youngest was a level 2-3 (it will depend how much he's forgotten over summer), that going with the group lesson would be fine. We'll probably do a quick refresher on the bunny slopes the night we arrive. We're from below sea level so we really need the night to acclimate or I'd go up the mountain to practice. Some bunny slope time should be okay to refresh his memory. Last year he was riding lifts, could ride the edge on heel and toe and go straight down, and was beginning to work on turns.


I would love to do a private for him. I know the 1:1 time would help him excel, but it's just too cost prohibitive with all the other costs of a ski trip for a family that lives where winter consists of 60 degree cold.

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