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Atomic Hawx 2.0 110 vs 120 for intermediate-advanced skier?

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Hi all - I'm having trouble deciding which way to go, so would like to seek some opinions from you guys here please - any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Basically I've been trying to find a pair of the Atomic Hawx 2.0 boots in the 110 flex, but having no luck. I have however, been able to locate a pair in the 120 flex - but I'm just a bit hesitant in buying them, for fear that they may just be too much for me.


Quick background info -> I consider myself an intermediate-advanced skier, have been skiing for 10 years now and do black runs, mainly stick to the groomed runs rather than any off-piste skiing. I'm moderately-light though, at about 155 pounds and 5'6".


So the main question I'm trying to answer for myself is - should I skip the 120 and keep looking/waiting to get the 110? Or should I just bite the bullet and get the 120 that's available now?


A couple of factors that I'm thinking about:

1. If the 110 boot suits me, then would the 120 boot represent a significant jump in stiffness (and thus be too much for me)? Or would the difference be small enough to ignore/handle?


2. Would anyone have any opinions as to whether the Hawx 2.0 110 or 120 would offer a closer 'feel' and response to the Salomon XPro 110?

(Last winter I skied in a pair of the Salomon XPro 110, and found them quite nice in terms of stiffness/response. However, they were a tiny bit narrow in the forefoot for my liking, which is where the Hawx fits me better.)


I understand that it's hard to give an expert opinion online - but I am keen to hear your thoughts (as experienced boot wearers/fitters) on my situation.


Thank you very much for any info at all.

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Sounds to me as if you are purchasing online.  So first without addressing the flex issues lets address the fit issues.  How do you know they will regardless of flex?



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Hi Lou, thanks for the reply. I should have clarified - last winter after skiing a couple of days in the Salomon XPro 110 (and experiencing some pain in my right foot), I saw a bootfitter who fit me in the Hawx instead, recommending them as a better fit. He didn't have a pair of the 110 in my size though, so I ended up renting the Hawx in a softer flex (either 70 or 80), just to try them out.


After skiing in them for 2-3 days, I was sufficiently convinced that they fit me much better than the Salomon XPro 110. The Hawx definitely didn't feel as 'precise' as the XPro, but I just put that down to the softer flex.


So that's how I've come to be searching for the Hawx now. Granted I haven't skied in the 110 model specifically, but that was the model that I had discussed with the bootfitter to be the most appropriate for me. 


Hope that helps in giving you a bit of context... any thoughts on my situation?

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i think i would be wanting to ski on the 110/120 or at least try it on with the fitter before making that final decision  you said yourself that it did not feel as precise! some of that was probably flex but what id some was fit also, they are quite a different shape form the X Pro


but all things aside and if the hawx was the boot the 110 can be made 120 by adding a bolt to the power shift, the 120 can be made 110 by removing the upper bolt from the powershift  i would need to check the catalogue to confirm but i don't think there is a liner difference between the two (we carry the 110 and the 130 as we can make either 120 so it give me a range of options

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