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World Cup Boots - Metal toe lug protectors?

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Hey Guys and gear gurus,


I noticed quite a few of the racers on the world cup circuit are using small metal shims on top of the toe lugs of their boots. The idea seems to be that in a high speed fall the metal is less likely to get deformed than plastic and presumably the boot binding connected is more positive.


The little plates are in addition to the normal sole planning/routing work which has been done.


Anyone know anything about these, I swear I saw somewhere selling them a while back?


Like this:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/andyimage/10563768355


Or Marcel's boots


On a separate note, be great if ski boot manufacturer made boots with a thinner more solid toe heel and then you just added the correct top/bottom combo of additional plate top lugs to get the alignment you want. Crazy idea?


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those are used to bring the boot back to DIN specs. nothing fancy. quite common with a lot of canting work

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Hi JZamp,thanks for the reply, most of the shops I see doing sole planning, decide on angle required by assessing skiers alignment, plane base of boot with belt sander or similar (or one of these monster router slider contraptions), put spring angle back into toe, mount riser plates and then use router to return to DIN specs. The metal toe and heel shims parts I haven't seen used much, hence just asking to see if anyone knew where they sell them or wondering if anyone has these installed at all?

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Just from the photos, that looks more like a protector than a shim. Frequently stepping into a high DIN binding could chew up the lug, especially if you are ever a little off center when you step.
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3mmheellugshim.rtf 1k .rtf file 3mmtoelugshim.rtf 1k .rtf file

They are 3mm stainless steel shims to protect the boot plastic from the bindings with ultra high DIN settings and aggressive lugs.
They are supplied by Verdonk racing here in the US. We install them on the occasional AT boot that gets used in alpine bindings as well to prevent the binding from destroying the toe lug.

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Let's try the photos again. jl

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@boottech, Inc thanks, that is exactly the part I was referring too. I'm curious, are those self tapping screws or do you tend to drill a small pilot hole when installing?


Incidentally in the photos you put up of the planned and shimmed Hero, there isn't much actual original toe lug left over, does this ever cause problems, I'm guessing not given the pressure is spread across the plate?

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Am I correct in assuming that if you are fitting these you router the lugs down an additional 3mm?

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The boot in the pictures has a 7mm lift installed. This would be uncommon with the toe shim as it is harder to meet FIS stand height with that much lift. It probably does weaken the sole torsionally at the toe a bit. Although, I'm not sure how much given it's a 150 flex and it goes into a binding set at 14.

We don't typically use the toe shim with lifts over 3 mm as a rule.

They are somewhat tedious to install as you must reset your router height. We normally keep ours set at 30mm and use a handy plate from SVST to switch between toe and heel.

After the sole is set to your angles and the lifter is installed we cut the boot to DIN, same as always. Then drop the router 3mm, cut again and force the screws in by hand.

I have had the same set on 2 boots, they are pretty tough.

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