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Dynafit TLT6 Q

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Question for the Experts


I've picked up the Dynafit TLT6 P (recommended after foot assessment at a shop, but boots have not been set up as yet) and in reading the owners manual I see the following statement:


"Footbeds are usually not needed in TLT6 boots, as the boots are developed around a close fitting anatomical last.  To accommodate a wide variety of feet, a top quality, lightweight foot bed for medium to low volume feet is included. "


Full disclosure - I'm a PSIA Cert ski instructor and my alpine boots have custom footbeds as well as minor sole grinding of approximately 1 degree.   I'm also a graduate of Masterfit U so I understand the value of custom footbeds for comfort and performance in an alpine boot.


I guess I'm just looking for some feedback from the experts on the above statement provided by Dynafit.    Given that my foot has been rated unremarkable, relatively "standard" (med volume, med arch) by bootfitters in the past, should I consider a lower cost/non custom footbed in a boot  which I will be skiing offpiste/backcountry and not in resort? 


In addition - I made some footbeds when I took Masterfit Associates Plus which were used in my previous AT boots but have been relegated to my ice skates since they are too high volume to fit in my TLT6's.


Is there a lower volume off the shelf footbed that perhaps I should consider?


tks for any thoughts/feedback.

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med volume med arch doesn't to me describe anything of value relative footbeds.  Although they have many uses medically their use in skiing is primarily to correct promotion assuming they do that.  I won't open that can of worms here now.


But if your foot is fairly neutral then I agree with Dynafit's statement.



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what a crock of bull, so glad i made the decision not to stock their boots this year, i can imagine the customer comments already, "but dynafit aid i don't need footbeds"


as for low volume product to put in there, you could try superfeet carbon trim to fit as an OTC device or the new Sidas Modulo racing product as a custom option if you can find a dealer who stocks it 

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Maybe a little clarification here and CEM can jump in if he wants.


Since footbeds are meant to correct foot alignment if your foot is neutral then you may not benefit.


However, this has nothing to do with the shell volume.  Shell volume has absolutely nothing to do with whether you need a footbed or not.



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Thanks guys for the feedback!   Spent a day on snow in my tlt6's recently and right out of the box without any work they were impressive for sure.

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