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Hi all - I'm new here. I'm interested in ski/snowboard bumming (never done it before) but wanted to get some advice/thoughts from you experts :)


I'm 26 and work in New York City (I also grew up on Long Island and went to school in NYC, so I've been in the NYC metropolitan area my whole life). I've been employed since graduating college so I've saved up a decent amount of money. Maybe I'm burnt out, or maybe it's because I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do in life long-term, but I want to quit my job and take a break from work for a few months.


I was thinking of taking the winter off and snowboard bumming while road tripping across the US, and reading/taking online courses (e.g. learn to program/code) in my free time. I've always wanted to spend a winter chasing the snow and I figure if I don't do it now, I'll never do it. Also, I think it'll give me an opportunity to re-energize, do something I enjoy, spend some time learning/exploring things other I'm interested in, learn more about myself, see a lot of the US, and hopefully, return to NY re-motivated. Considering I've also never left NY for an extended amount of time, I'm hoping it'll also push my out of my comfort zone.


Since I have a decent amount of money saved, I'm opting for not getting a season pass at a specific mountain and living there, but hitting up as many different mountains as possible so I can also see a lot of the US. Given that, I was thinking of just hitting the road with my car, snowboard and laptop.


Any thoughts/advice from any experts?


Some specific concerns I have are:


- I am driving from mountain to mountain, but I do always want to have a bed to sleep on. Any advice on how to do this as cheaply as possible? Airbnb? Hostels? Motels? Also, is there any way to do this on short notice? (e.g. let's say I decide one day to just drive from Salt Lake City to Jackson)


- Any advice for safety while driving alone, particularly in the winter? Should I have snow chains? I don't want to end up stuck on some road in the Rockies in the middle of the night...


- How do I find people to ride with? Particularly if I'll be moving a lot from mountain to mountain? I like doing glades, but I prefer to do them in groups for safety reasons.


- I'm not an expert snowboarding. While I love snowboarding, I only learned 5 years ago and have gone 10-15 times each season. I can get down pretty much any terrain, albeit not necessary fast/smoothly. Should this be a concern? Particularly for finding people to ride with? I'm hoping this experience will make me a much better rider...