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My Morning

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Hope somebody can see some humor in this as I am just now starting to smile again. Swear to god, this just happened in the last few hours!

I had some company driving though last night on their way back to California and they stayed at my house. So they bring their dog, who does not get along with mine. So their dog excretes some gland stuff on my blinds and trashes those, doesn't get out early enough this morning and pees in the kitchen! They are really nice people, and their dog didn't mean to do any of this, so no big deal. Old blinds, and tile floor, easy clean up, great people, so really no big deal. Nothing like what my dog, Corbet had in store for me in the next few hours.

Background on Corbet: 40 pound border collie mix, about 8 months old, to smart for his own good.

So when we all go out for dinner last night, they accidently leave their bags in their room so the dogs can get into them. Yea, about 3 pounds of bananas were in the bags when we left. Just a few peels on the floor when we get back with a empty 1 pound bag of M&M's next to the mess. It was all my dog (their dog is much wiser), at a full pound of M&M's, and around 3 pounds of bananas! Damn. So off to bed we all go. Laughing that the dog is gonna feel that one in a bit.

Of course, my dog is on the biggest sugar high of his life, well since he ate the 1/2 pound of raw sugar, but thats a different story. So until I put him in his cage a 4 am, he was tearing around the house, all night long. So of course, I missed his present that he left somewhere around 3. He puked all over the upstairs hallway, right in front of the guest room. Nice huh? I'm not done.

That was last night.

So today has really sucked. This morning I had to take off work to wait for a plumber, who was 45 minutes late, then had to go get parts and grrrrr. So I sprung a sewage leak in my place, not sure how, but really gross! Took me forever to clean that up, and its not done yet. So, I cleaned it all up with the shop vac, until I realized that I would have to empty said shop vac. So, I'm pouring it into the toilet when my grip slips... Yea, sewage all over the bathroom floor. So I put the shop vac back together, and start the vicious cycle over. I sill have my humor at this point.

Then, the plumber said that he fixed everything he could, and that I would have to call an air conditioner repair man because that was what was shot. Ohh, yea, and it rusted out my furnace. So I have to buy a new AC and furnace! Wow, where am I gonna pull that kind of money? Humor fading.

This is the part where I start to lose it. I go upstairs when the plumber is coming back down. He had been fixing the shower, mind you after he asks if he can use the bathroom, which was upstairs. (ya know, take a #2.) Anyway, he's now downstairs, I'm two flights up, so I walk into the bathroom and I'm all; "wow, that guy stunk this place up!" And I look down and there is poop on the floor! First thought in my head is, "this guy sh!t on my floor!" How do I confront this?! So, I'm gettin' pissed now, I mean big time, I'm pretty much ready to kick the plumber's ass. Humor is gone, replaced by blood pressure.

Then in walks Corbet with this guilty look on his face. Quckly I realize it was the dog, not the plumber (thank god), which still ticks me off because the dog has a doggy door. So I clean it up, and hose the rug off in the back yard. Plumber is still working downstairs, unaware of the circumstances taking place two flights up that almost ended in a COPS episode. So I get breakfast, and go on to the next task at had, getting ready for work.

The plumber finishes up. Keep in mind that my house now smells like a raw sewage plant. So I'm just walking out the door when I look down at the floor, and see dog poop foot prints (mine) on the living room carpet! So, amazingly calm, I'm thinking I must have stepped in some while in the backyard while hosing off the rug from the bathroom incident. No, the dog had crapped on the rug in the living room and it now had a size 9 foot print right in the middle of it! Oh man, I'm about to loose it. Dog takes off running when he comes around the corner and sees me looking at the bottom of my shoe in disbelief. Shoe comes off, I give chase. I catch him before he hits the adjacent bedroom, and I explain to him that this is not allowed. Point the mess out to him, and then shove him outside while I clean up indoor crap pile #2 for the day.

You should have seen the look on my bosses face when I explained to him why I was wearing my hiking boots to work today!

The guilty party, Corbet:

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Sorry to say Altaskier I laughed out loud!

I too have a border collie mix, Bo and his brother Santi, an Aussie. Bo can eat anything but if Santi eats anything other than kibble I always have to clean up something nasty from someplace.

Thanks for sharing!
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Gee. I just got stuck in traffic, and had my annual performance review....(which was good by the way, I just hate the lead up to these things).
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Jesus, your day sucked, made me laugh though thanks. Just think that whenever you day sucks a little bit you will have the perspective to say "ah yes but it wasn't as bad as that one day I had a few weeks/months/years back."
Any consolation? No didn't think so!
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I will stop bitching about my day now. Good gravey, I'd be at the nearest pub by now.
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My first thought was that I'm glad I don't have a dog anymore. Then I realized - S--T, I DON'T HAVE A DOG ANYMORE! These are the times I can commiserate with. My last dog was an Aussie. Also too smart for his own good and very loyal and sometimes mean. Next house, new dog - real soon!

thnx for the chuckle

Tanglefoot - great signature!
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Man, I was considering 'ending it all' till I read that! But seriously, how could you get mad at a face as cute as that? Hope the doggies okay, chocolate can be bad for them. Giselle {my greyhound} sends a hug!
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Minette says "that's what you get for having an animal of lesser intellectual capacity."
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