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Skillfulness in mogul drills...

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In general I don't think its cool to post non commercial skiing vids for critique in a forum of this nature. Given the vid below is a great example of "sticking", I thought it was ok to break my internal policy. The idea gets back to Fearing's mogul vid where he emphasizes using the absorption onto the frontside turn to build up and hold the pressure to slow things down, aka "sticking".  In Fearing's vid it hard to see, however these guys are focusing on this along with some other drills. Best example, first two runs by the guy in the red jacket and then at 2:05 from the rear view. 


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here we go again.  Is "sticking" the official term for using pressure on the face of the bump to slow down?  this technique involves resisting the face of the pump, creating a reactionary force, which creates work that slows the skier.   Jack I like your use of language "hold the pressure".  Thumbs Up


Slowing in skiing is pretty  much always about creating work that works against the kinetic energy of momentum.  If you can create forces that point backwards against the momentum vector, you will slow yourself down.  That is why Skidding slows us down in general and that is why in bumps you can resist the face of the bump to create a reactionary force that can slow you down.


How you blend that operation with also absorbing the bump can make for an interesting discussion, but we will have no productive conversation on this matter whatsoever without an understanding that the slowing effect on the face comes from creating pressure on the face, while the absorption movements are intended to reduce pressure on the face.

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Yup, and it's all speed dependent; if you don't have enough absorption of the bump for the speed you're carrying it (the mogul) acts as a  jump. breaking ski contact past the crest.


Edit: you also need to absorb enough to extend on the backside.

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Buddy in the black jacket (:50) has way too much going on with the upper body. Looks like some shoulder rotation, and breaking at the waist, or just noisy pole plants.


Guy in red works some nice snow contact. Maybe sticking a bit, but looks like the run isn't long enough, or steep enough to reveal any significant deficiencies, at least to the untrained eye of this hack (me).

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Jack, thanks for posting this.  It has caused me to think a lot about some stuff in skiing.  Most particularly, the role of pressure.


I've had this conception in my mind about the mixture of skills that probably placed way too much emphasis on edging.  I think I've been focused on getting the feet away from my body.  As I was preparing for my Level 2 exam, I went to Aspen to ski for several days with some of my coaches.  Jim Schanzenbaker had to teach me the wedge turn again.  I was so focused on getting the feet away from me that I didn't understand the role of pressure in being able to apply the rotary skills.


What I'm taking away from these videos is something new to me -- that you have to stand over the ski to a) pressure it and b) be able to apply the rotary skills.  Perhaps what Fearing is advocating is the use of pressure to provide access to a "braking" maneuver via "anti" pump track, but it also has to do with accessing the rotary skill to allow the skis to turn across the fall line and use gravity to slow through friction.


Very interesting.  Perhaps I'll be able to retain a bit of this and explore this next season...



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Look at the 3 runs from 1:10 - 1:46. Red outfit demonstrates. White pants "gets it". Black pants doesn't and cheats. The "hands up don't shoot drill" is cool.

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Been wanting to post another vid the guy's ytube account but got so busy I plain forgot about it.....my apologies for posting so late. 


First two runs showing that pressure on the frontside to ""stick". Then at 4:04 they let things go and just rip all the way down. haha... they rutted that line to the point where its almost a long set of rollers. 



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