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AT boot purchasing

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I'm thinking of getting a touring set-up and talking to my ski shop I was checking out AT boots. They got some in for me but didn't want to do a shell fit. I asked them about this and they said it didn't matter so much with the AT boots because of the liner is so mouldable and as long as the length was ok they could make the boot work. However I'm not sure about this advice and thought I would check here. What are your thoughts?

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find another shop,



shell fit of a touring boot is possibly even more important than it is on an alpine boot, heel hold and a snug but non compressive fit of the whole foot is the key to minimizing rubbing when on the up and giving some level of performance on the down

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Thanks, thought so. 

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Agree with CEM.  There is never a time that a shell fit isn't necessary.



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