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It is exactly the problem when one skill deficit creates a skill bias based on that deficit. It can be mental or physical in origin and a daily focus might be one the weak skill, or refining the stronger ones.
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So while what you've said is true, razie, I think there are a lot of subtleties for both teachers and learners here around comfortable/uncomfortable feelings. 


Indeed skiing bumps -


Struggle to find a line, get rocked in the back seat, be forced into massive unplanned absorption and hyperextension,


Flow nicely down the zip line.


Which one of those is comfortable or uncomfortable?



Re the going back a step or two to be able to climb higher I think that's fine.  The challenge most adult "experienced" skiers probably have is a fear that the step back or two will become a helter skelter.  I'd consider it a pretty poor methodology if it required everyone to regress to the bottom step to be able to climb higher, while acknowledging in some cases (who I might crudely call the entirely self-taught) it might be necessary.

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It is worth noting Maslow and Bloom solve this by using a pyramid. Deficiencies in one layer effect it's ability to support every layer above it. The perception that we can create a workaround in another skill pool and thus eliminate these holes is where most skiers lock themselves into a closed loop of limited potential performance.
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