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Best ski picture - you have taken

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Start of summer ski thread.   Best ski scene or otherwise picture you have taken.   ONE picture only.  I will start.



My favorite picture, taken will skiing with Big Red Cats Feb 2013.  One of my very best ski days.  I just love this pic of the powder and the overall view.  It has always been a special picture to me as the skiing was really Epic that day.  Good people, good snow, sunshine - it just was a great day.





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Too hard to choose just one but I'll follow the rules...


Don't know if it is my best but it was in my "best of" file:

I'll have to give Josh some of the credit as it was his camera & he set up the shot. 

The thing I like the most about it is the way the light & snow almost creates a sundog around the basket of his left pole.




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Maybe not a particularly good shot compared to folks who are used to this kind of thing, but this was basically my first view off the gondola, the first morning at Vail, which was my first time on a big mountain, out west, above 7000 feet, etc. And I like snow cats. :)


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Because this place is so beautiful, that's a tough assignment. This is one of many favorites. January 3, 2013.

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Nice photos everyone!  We need Splitter to post in this thread.  He's the guy who has put up so many super high quality photos in the picture of the day thread over the years and it would be fascinating to see which is his favorite.


I have taken a lot of "B" grade ski photos over the years, but none are "A" grade because I've only used cheap, point and shoot cameras and I'm more about capturing the experience than an artistically beautiful image.


Here is a sentimental favorite I took of two of my kids in 2002.  This is at Wisp, MD with one of the prettiest views in mid-Atlantic skiing.  That is 4000 acre Deep Creek Lake in the background. This was the morning after a snow and ice storm left a shimmering coat on the trees.  This was a long dad-only day trip we made together and the kids are dressed in hand-me-downs from head to toe including skinny skis.  My daughter's goggles are on upside down.:ski


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I like this one because of the clouds.

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The Matterhorn, in the morning light.  Just off the gondola in Zermatt.  Dec 2014.

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If we're talking all time, this is it. Pinecone Ridge at Park City. This is hike to terrain between PCMR & Canyons that will be opened up now with the new gondola.



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Originally Posted by CerebralVortex View Post


I like this one because of the clouds.


For a moment I thought "what clouds?" and thought you were making a joke. Then I noticed the clouds. Very cool - being above the clouds is always a neat experience. I've never done it skiing though!

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Some really great photos and we can see the sentiment attached for the uniqueness of the scene, the kids etc.   My original photo I ruined a few moments after I took the picture by skiing right through the gap in the trees and it was really great.

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Late last season. Friday off work. Having lunch in a little stash of trees after skiing Wild Child at Loveland. Not a great photo, but one that reminds me about all the things I love about skiing: a great line (behind me), scenery, smashed PB&Js, solitude. I believe there was also beer. 


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My son (11 at the time) on his first trip to A Basin in March 2015.  I love Montezuma Bowl, Keystone, and Breck in the background.  Not only was it his first time to A Bay, it was also his first Double.  We did part of East Wall and Land of Giants.  I know I am biased but this was a great memory!

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I shot this while riding chair 8 one morning at Mt. Baker.  The area in the picture is out of bounds.

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I'll go with this one

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Col le Pilonet, Italy

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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post


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Yes Vail.  Forever.

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I skied that day on The Big and you took great photos.


I think every photo on 01/03/2013 turned out great.


Looking forward to landing at FCA this week.


Other pics from that day...(first one is not mine but saved on my hard drive along with the one you posted)



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I have that same upper picture as the wallpaper on my tablet. I think it was the lady on ski patrol?
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Hijacking the thread, various dates....


I'll stop now...
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From the chair at Silverton



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One fresh morning.

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

I have that same upper picture as the wallpaper on my tablet ...


That's a good definition for 'a great shot'.


Harmony in Whistler.  Saturday morning First Tracks pass.  Early March 2013.


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Need a thread for "Best Ski Photos Not in Whitefish" :).


Here are some others.


View of Aspen from Old Gondola...



View from my room at Sun Star Hotel in Grindelwald



Afternoon in Grindelwald...

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            Sometimes its the Apres Ski that brings memories ....


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Love Moose32's VERTICALITY!


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