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Best skis for ambitious upper intermediate woman? And test first, or buy? - Page 4

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Congratulations!  It takes most skiers decades of struggle before getting what you have now.  And, FWIW, $400 seems like a good price for what you got.  Well played!


The shells should last more than twice as long as the liners.  When you have packed out the liners (50+ ski days) you can upgrade to "stiffer" liners so the boots will "grow" with you.


Oh, and thanks for the report, we give lots of advice here and rarely get feedback, feels good.  Don't forget to let us know how they work on the hill.

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One thing I didn't see mentioned about boot flex: it's meaningless across manufacturers, and sometimes meaningless even between ski boot models within the same manufacturer. Don't get hung up on those numbers.

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^^^^^ What she said.

FWIW I find that I'm just fine with a softer flex. I'm 5-10 and 145. My boots (Full Tilt) have replaceable tongues and I went from a fairly stiff tongue (though not the stiffest) to the softest flex they make, primarily because I'm teaching beginners and intermediate skiers a lot, so I'm skiing with them at moderate speeds and demonstrating flexing and extending. Also I find it better for absorption in moguls and uneven terrain.

I can swap out the tongues pretty easily but usually don't. For most people who aren't racing, the times in which the responsiveness of a stiffer boot is absolutely critical are few and far in between. Much more important in the fit of the boot, because using your ankles to tip your skis is where you want the responsiveness.
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Originally Posted by hollyberry88 View Post

I'm hoping the season starts early, too! : )


By the way, just made an appointment with Greg at Heino's to go buy my first pair of ski boots. I have heard many wonderful things about him in threads on EpicSki. It seems like it is well worth the trek out to Jersey to get fitted by him.

Greg at Heino's is a great choice. I drive out from Connecticut to see him and send anyone who will listen to him as well. He just fit my nephew this past weekend and he was very happy with the service and level of Greg's knowledge.  He's very patient, knows his stuff and knows just what tweaks to make if any.  Their service is also top notch.


As Utagonian said you can stiffen up the boots later on down the road with custom liners, which is something you're going to want to do anyway judging by your previous posts. It seems you've been bitten by the skiing bug!

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 If you've only been skiing one year, the 153's are probably not too short.  Ski them for this year, get better, then trade them in at a swap shop next year if you think they are too short. 


You want to enjoy yourself and progress quickly and a 160 will just make it harder to perfect your turns. 


At your size and weight the 153's will be able to stop you on any slope that you have the technique to handle.  The 81 waist will float in light powder (if you have the technique) and edge well so this is a great east coast ski.  I put my wife on a similar ski (a little wider if it's snowing) when I rent her skis and she is 5'7". 


Personally, I ski on a 178 ski but have a quiver of shorter skis.  As a 5'6" man I know that I am usually on too long a ski for most situations - compensating I guess:D - but I've been skiing for 40 years and am set in my ways. 


I have a taller male friend who skis on 156's out west.  He's a former hockey player who likes how he can move on shorter skis. 


If you need a different ski for special situations such as (the wished for) bottomless powder, rent it like I do.


Look for free demo days when you ski and try out as many different lengths as you can.  These are usually listed on ski area websites.  Two runs and you'll be able to tell if longer and/or wider is better for you. 

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