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Narrow last cause of my cold feet?

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As summer hits its peak I'm thinking about getting set for the upcoming year. My boots are Rossignol B-Squad Carbon 130s. These were a revelation after a year on too-big Garmont AT boots (my first year back to skiing after a dozen years of snowboarding): the power transmitted to the ski, the stiff flex, and the ability to hold my heel in well I appreciated all winter. Shell fit is about 14-16mm of space at the heel with the toe just touching the front.

My only problem with these boots was/is cold toes. I never ran into this in my too-big Garmonts. And it persisted when I swapped in Intuition Powerwrap liners and heat molded them (with proper toe caps in place). On cold days (rare in CO last season) I could only ski 2 hours or so before needing a warm up break or risk losing all feeling. I regularly skied the boot with only the top two buckles latched, only lightly latching the bottom two when I got into more serious terrain or the end of the day.

I'm wondering if the narrow (98mm) last might be cutting off circulation leading to cold toes? If so, is a punch or two in the toe box a realistic solution to cold feet, or is the only answer new boots? Given that this is my only big problem with the boot (I'd like a walk mode for some light touring I do) I'm hoping to get one last season out of them. Else its time to look for a replacement boot... I hear the Lange XT is the same mold as my Rossi's and has good reviews.

Appreciate any thoughts.
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really tough to say without seeing the foot and the boot shell


the lange XT is not the same mould, so i wouldn't jump out and buy a pair without speaking with your fitter, it maybe a really simple fix to give you warm toes in terms of a bit of toe box space or it could be just over the instep or it may be that a new boot is the answer, either way get into your local boot guy and have a chat, do it early and you will have the best options in terms of stock (or even a last years boot) 

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Warmth is mostly about circulation and of course insulation.  The liner in the Garmont is definitely warmer than the Rossignol factory liner so you should have been warmer, since you weren't I'd go with circulation.


I agree with CEM that I wouldn't rush out and just assume a wider boot will help.  There are ways to modify the boots you have.  Most circulation to the toes goes over the instep so I'd see what happens if pressure there is substantially reduced.  You have access to very good boot fitters in Winter Park Vail and Aspen and probably other areas as well.  I'd find one you trust that is knowledgeable on anatomy and try working with them to selectively increase volume before buying another boot.



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