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Steamboat Musicfest 2016

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I have a quick question for Steamboat aficionados that have been to Music Fest.  First, do you have to purchase tickets through Dickerson Production's lodging package or can you purchase tickets separately (my wife is not interested in the music, so fest tickets would be a complete waste)?  Dickerson's website and e-mails are less than clear on this point.  Second, how kid friendly is the Fest?  I assume the later evening shows are over 21, but are the Gondola Square shows all ages. I took my kids to Boyne Mountain the weekend of Carnival in 2013 (my kids made a game out of slaloming empty beer cans on the slopes), so my idea of kid friendly means no fighting and limited public nudity.  Third, are the slopes crowded during Fest week?  My kids are pretty good skiers, so we don't have to stick to Sunshine or other heavily tracked areas.   The family is trying to schedule a return trip to the 'Boat for the 2016 season.  Selfishly, Music Fest looks like the most perfect week I could ever plan - Red Dirt Music and skiing.  We're also considering President's Day Weekend.  Any advice is welcome.  

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Paging @Finndog.

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Music fest aka Texas week? I don't know much about it. It's a very popular week here and it does make for the very best reading of the police blotter. 😀
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Hi BCMizzou


Can't help you with the ticket sales because I haven't actually been to any festival events.


But, our one trip to Steamboat coincided with Texas week and the Music Festival. Having been offered a great deal at the Steamboat Grand we stayed there, where alot of the festival was based and most of the accommodation was festival people - by we I mean myself, husband and 8 year old son. We had all of the ingredients for disaster, our room overlooked the pool, we had to walk through the festival registration and merchandise area to get to the slopes, shared the same breakfast buffet as festival early risers and those who hadn't made it to bed yet and there were evening events in the hotel.


Despite dire warnings about what we might encounter sharing a hotel with a bunch of people who were there for the music first and skiing second if at all - it was a fantastic week and no follow up counselling was required. From our point of view, everybody we encountered was really friendly, polite, pretty covered up (I would say fully dressed, but not sure that hotel robe, cowboy boots and hat constitutes fully dressed). Noise was not an issue at night either. So basically, no fighting (that we saw or near where we were staying, judging from the papers there was in the early hours of the morning), no nudity (I think the temperature helped there), no completely trashed people, dodging beer cans on the slopes or in the pool etc. I would probably do due diligence on where you stay though, there might be a correlation between some areas and incidents.


The events in Gondola Square were all kid friendly, didn't see anything that alarmed us, or permanently scarred the kid. In fact from our point of view it added a bit of atmosphere and it made us stop a couple of times after skiing and grab a beer at the outside bar and watch some of the events (concerts, cowboy downhill etc).


I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to ski Steamboat again that week. We had more friendly conversations in the lifts, on ski lifts etc than many other trips.


The only caveat I'd add, is that my perspective is from someone who comes from the other side of the world. Drunk Aussies and Kiwi's are far worse than anything we saw at Steamboat. Also our liquor licensing laws, and hence culture, are quite different to North America.

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